Gavin McInnes Net Worth 2019

Who is Gavin McInnes and what is his net worth 2019? Gavin McInnes is a Scottish-Canadian writer, columnist, creative director, entrepreneur, commentator, and actor. He is the co-founder of magazine Vice and advertising agency Rooster NY and started the website He is so talented that his net worth is no surprise in front of his talent. He also writes for the website VDARE and the web magazine Taki’s Magazine and has directed and wrote many short films.

Early Life

Gavin Miles McInnes was born on 17th of July in the year 1970 in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, England. He is Scottish but his family moved to Canada when he was four years old. He studied at Ottawa’s Earl of March Secondary School, Carleton University, and Concordia University. He studied English Literature at Carleton University and got a BA degree from Concordia University.

Gavin McInnes Net Worth

After his graduation, he started working at Vice. Gavin has done a lot of creative work and he is adored a lot for it but he has also made many politically harsh statements regarding human rights issues of US due to which he is disliked by people. In his personal life, he married in 2005 to Emily Jendrisak who is a consultant and publicist. The couple has three children.


In 1994, Gavin co-founded the magazine Vice and served as an editor where he earned the nickname “the Godfather of hipsterdom”. McInnes left Vice in 2007 due to creative differences. He was reportedly paid several million dollars to walk away. He co-founded the advertising agency Rooster NY and started the website Gavin writes for the website VDARE and the web magazine Taki’s Magazine. He starred as Mark McCarthy in the 2013 movie How to Be a Man.

He has directed, written, and produced the short Sophie Can Walk. He directed and wrote the short Are Women as Horny as Men? and wrote and produced How to Be a Man. He also directed the 2013 documentary The Brotherhood of the Travelling Rants. He has authored four books. Gavin has also been in a lot of bad publicity too. He has been banned from websites, cursed at people, and ended on air shows with in shouting matches over his right-wing and regressive views on feminism, masculinity, women in the workplace, racism, race relations, immigration to the United States, and more.

He began making headlines in 2015 after commenting on the state of masculinity, women’s rights, and various social issues in the United States. Recently, on February 2, 2017, in an episode of his YouTube show The Rebel, McInnes announced his resignation from Fox News. He is currently, a contributor to Canadian conservative portal The Rebel Media and a regular on Fox News’ Red Eye, The Greg Gutfield Show, and The Sean Hannity Show. He also writes for the web magazine Taki’s Magazine and previously wrote for TruthRevolt, Death and Taxes, The Federalist, American Renaissance and VDARE.

Gavin has got the Best in Corporate Law Award for Rostron Carlyle Corporate.

Net Worth of Gavin McInnes

Gavin Mcinnes has a huge net worth of $6 million. He has worked in so much creative environment that he has founded and co-founded many websites, media channels and much more. He has been in news for his talent and great works but since last some years, he has made his bad image in front of the public. He has made harsh comments on some human right issues of US. Though people are hating him still he is getting publicity which is increasing his net worth even more.

Gavin McInnes is a Scottish- Canadian writer, columnist, creative director, entrepreneur, commentator, and actor who has co-founded Vice Media and many websites. He has been working in the creative industry since 1991 and has a huge net worth of $6 million. He has raised such huge income with hard work and his creativity. He is still working and is raising his income.