Gavin Free Net Worth

Who is Gavin Free and how much his net worth? Gavin Free is a famous British Director, Voice Actor, and filmmaker who was born on May 23, 1988, in Oxfordshire, England. He is called by the nickname of Gavin and Gay. He is of British Nationality.

His family is originated from Italy and so he is half Italian. At present is living in his house in Austin, Texas with his Girlfriend, Meg Turney. They started dating in 2013. Currently, he is in a relationship with Actress Meg Turney who has hosted a famous show “The Know” and is also a Cosplayer.

Gavin Free Net Worth 2018-2019

Education: Free attended Lord William’s School in Thame. Later in 2006, he started working for Green Door films which is the First Production House of Europe using Phantom digital High-speed cameras for Slow Motion. He served as a data technician and camera operator over there.,

Career: 8 Years ago from today he along with his grandfather name Guilioi Free, was appeared in a Skype advert which showed how they communicate while they are away from each other. He started his career with advertisements and music videos.

In 2008, he started working as a contract host of Achievement Hunter and later in 2017 he became one of the main six hosts of this video gaming which is a division of Rooster Teeth founded by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattilio.

He has played the role of YaY in X-Ray, Scarlet David in RWBY and Jones in Red vs. Blue. In 2010 he launched his famous YouTube Channel to get a work visa, named The Slow Mo Guys with his friend Dan Gruchy which has got 970 million views and 7.8 million subscribers since its starting. IN April 2011, their channel became the winner of On the Rise Program of YouTube. In September 2012 their episode which involved the crushing of watermelons was featured on The Tonight Show.

He has been the director of the two seasons of Red vs Blue. He has done the production work for Slow Motion Effects in movies titled Sherlock Holmes in 2011, Dredd in 2012, Snow White and Huntsman also in the same year, Hot Fuzz in 2007 and A Game of Shadows in 2011. He played the role of Scarlet David in RWBY.

In 2013, he joined the second season of a gaming show The Gaunlet as a contestant. In 2014, he recorded his voice for Vav, a superhero in the web comedy series ‘X-Ray and Vav’ which also belongs to Rooster Teeth and it gained a lot of popularity. He has worked in a comic murder mystery series titled Ten Little Roosters and further hosted a Reality show kind of series Million Dollars.

His Primary Gamertag is GavinoFree as it is in the let’s plays. He has a secondary gamer tag too and that is GavINDaUSA which could be because he has been banned from Xbox live so he can use it as a backup. His favorite video game is Halo.

In August 2015, he worked as a reactor in a web series titled You Tubers React. From October 2015 started working as a Creative Director at Rooster Teeth within Achievement Hunter and directed the Seventh Season of Machinima Series Red vs Blue and a mini-series Relocated direct their Machinima series Red vs. Blue’s seventh season and its mini-series Relocated.

He acted in Captain Dynamic Comedy Series and began to appear in Roster Teeth Shorts in that year only which is a weekly Chat show. Further in May 2016, he stepped down from the role of Creative Director.

In January 2016, His first movie titled Laser Team was released which is a sci-fi comedy. He played the role of Woody in the movie. He has appeared twice in the music videos of Barenaked Ladies. IN April 2016 he got nominated for a Webby Award under the category of The Best Web Personality Host for working in The Slow Mo Guys. In 2016, He won the Streamy Award for his Cinematography. He has worked for the famous BBC Show Top Gear.

Gavin Free Net Worth

The young British Film Maker has an estimated net worth of $5.5 million. The most part of his net worth has been achieved from his work as a creative director at Rooster Teeth and his YouTube Channel The Slow Mo Guys.

Being a multi-talented Artist Gavin makes money through various professions. He directs, Produces, sings and does many mort practices to make money which brings him great wealth. For him, his talent is the source of business and he has gained a lot of assets in his life because of this only Which includes stock investments, valuable properties, luxurious vehicles and a lot more than that and his income is growing day by day.

Hence we can say that such kind of young talents in the industry must be appreciated more because they are the door to better future. Gavin has proved by his efforts that if a man wants cordially to achieve something nothing in the world can stop him. He has shown his potential in many professions and has risen like a star. We cannot wish him anything less than more success in future for overcoming projects.