Gabrielle Union Net Worth 2019

Who is Gabrielle Union and what is her net worth 2019? Gabrielle Union is a catholic by religious beliefs. Gabrielle Monique Union was born on October 29, 1972. She was born to Theresa (Glass) and Sylvester E. Union. Her parents were in designated positions in Omaha, Nebraska. She was the middle child of four daughters of her parents and raised under mother’s influence and her mother tried to make her an independent woman and in which she became pretty much successful. She defines about her parents that they got divorced after 30 years of their marriage with a grace without any inconsideration as their children were their first priority.

Early Life

She is acknowledged for her physical appearance. When she was 19 years old, then she had to face an assault, she was attacked and raped at her job, which she was doing as a part-time worker at a Payless Store. She was totally shattered and just survived due to a lesson she learned from Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. She has done a lot of roles in Hollywood movies and even won enormous appreciation even as few awards for her work. She has contributed herself for the welfare of women, especially assaulted one. She was an athlete for a year and played basketball, soccer, and ran track for that duration.

Gabrielle Union Net Worth

Education: She went to Foothill High School in her native place. She did graduation from her school and later on, attended the University of Nebraska and Cuesta College and later transferred to UCLA. She participated in curriculum activities for a year as an athlete and played basketball, soccer, and even ran on the track. She was planning to work as a staff and study law, but destiny had planned something else for her. She entered the glamor world and earned that much amount that she could pay back her study loans easily. Gabrielle completed her honors in sociology from UCLA in 1996.

Net Worth of Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle has an estimated income of net worth of $17 million. The actress and former model have made a name for herself on television, even as movies in nearly 10 years. She earned a degree in Sociology and that was a start of her career. She interned at a modeling agency after her degree and eventually got a chance to began her modeling career through which she could pay off her student loans.

She shares her assets with her husband Dwyane Wade and her family house in New York.

She has a sports car manufactured by Aston Martin which costs $ 56,000 Dollars.

She acts as an advocate for survivors of assault as she herself has faced it. She stood very firmly for a teenager who was assaulted and killed. She did campaigning for getting justice for departed soul. She is an ambassador Susan G. Komen and working for an organization named as Cure’s Circle of Promise. She also launched a campaigning and became a spokesperson for promoting planned parenthood even as breast health initiative.

She has been an ambassador for a nail polish company named as Sensation Nail from 2014. She has her own clothing line, which she launched in 2010 for plus size women and she got the inspiration for launching Love & Blessings from her sister. Three years back, she has also launched her own brand of wine “Vanilla Puddin”.

She began her career in acting with small roles in movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Basketball and much more. A small role of cheerleading in the movie Bring It On helped her to establish as a mainstream actress. She is a host of television series and even did many movies which credited her career and made her capable of earning various awards and acknowledgments.

Gabrielle Union is a renowned and one of the most sought-out actresses, who has earned the popularity in Hollywood with her hard work and dedication. Gabrielle always advocates survivors of assault as she herself gone through that pain.