Eric Andre Net Worth

Who is Eric Andre and what is net worth of him? Eric Andre is an America-based actor, comedian, and TV show host who was born on April 4th, 1983 in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S. He is the host, creator, and co-writer of “The Eric Andre Show” and currently he is seen in FXX series “Man Seeking Man”. He graduated from Dreyfoos School of the arts in Florida. Then, he went to Boston, Massachusetts to study BFA from Berklee College of Music. He has been working in the industry from past 9 years and has managed to attract a lot of eyes with his work.

Due to the immense amount of talent he has, he has fetched lots of films and TV shows, which has made him popular all around the world. In these 9 years, Eric has worked in lots of TV shows, web series and films and people love him for his brilliant comic timing. But he got a lot more famous when he was seen in The Eric Andre Show and we can say that it was the turning point of his career.

Eric Andre Net Worth 2018-2019

As the star has managed to attract a lot of eyes in a very short span of time, he has got a lot of income from his works as well. A lot of people want to know about his income and various income sources that he is having. So, let’s help those people and dig more information about his life to know about his net worth.

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre has got an immense amount of talent in him and this talent has managed to fetch lots of movies and TV shows for him. As he is just 9 years old in the industry, his popularity has amazed everyone. And with this popularity, he must have got some brand endorsements to do which would have added a good amount of money in his net worth. So we can assume that his income comes from the TV shows and movies he does and with it the endorsements as well.

Right now the star has a net worth of around $3.4 million, which is huge for any actor or actress who has spent 9 years in the industry. We have seen people spending more than 20 years in the industry and still their net worth is much lesser than Eric. With the immense amount of talent he carries, we are pretty sure that the star would make a huge impact on his net worth in the coming years.

It has been observed that many of the celebrities around the world don’t like to spend their money extravagantly; we can say that Eric Andre is one of them. This is because; he has gathered a good amount of money for his living, still, he doesn’t like to spend money on various luxuries. This can be observed from the fact that he doesn’t own any car. We know that he is seen various cars regularly, but we were shocked to see that there isn’t any car listed on his name.

It can be possible that the car he rides these days might be gifted or might be at one of his family member’s name. It is possible that the star might not like cars and thus he hasn’t owned any car. On the other hand, it has also been seen that there isn’t any house or property listed on his name. We can observe that the price of houses and properties around the world is getting very expensive and with a net worth of $3.4 million US dollars, the star would have to take a lot of money from his net worth to buy any luxurious property or any luxurious house for himself, which would be very difficult for anyone around the world.

It is very shocking that the star like Eric Andre does not own any car or house. But it can be due to certain reasons or it may be possible that he might have registered a property or a car at some other name which is why we are unable to find any luxurious car or house at his name. There isn’t any other luxurious asset listed at his name either.

The star has worked in lots of movies and TV shows till now which has managed to make him famous all around the world. Here is the list of movies that he has worked in.

• In 2009, he worked in the film the invention of lying.
• In 2010, He worked in the film Thin Skin.
• In 2012, he worked in the film should’ve been Romeo.
• In 2013, he worked in the film the internship.
• In 2015, he worked in the film Flock of dudes.
• In 2016, he worked in the film Popstar: Never stop never stopping,

He has worked in lots of TV shows now; we have managed to mention a few of them below.

• In 2009, he worked in Curb your enthusiasm.
• In 2010, he worked in the big bang theory.
• From 2012 to now, he is working on the Eric Andre show.
• In 2013 and 2014, he worked in 2 broke girls.
• In 2014, he worked in Comedy Bang! Bang!
• From 2015 to now, he is working in Man Seeking Woman.

So this was everything about your favorite comedian Eric Andre. We hope that he continues his good work and thus add a lot of amount to his net worth.