Elijah Wood Net Worth 2018

Who is Elijah Wood and what is his net worth 2018? Elijah Jordan Wood has loads of talent in him, he is an American actor, voice artist, producer and a DJ. He was born on 28th January 1981 (36 years) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, his parents owned and operated a delicatessen (shop that sells cooked or prepared foods). He was the second of the 3 siblings and had an elder brother and a young sister. From a very young age the Elijah showed interest in acting and started modelling and learning piano from the age of 7 itself.

He appeared in a musical in elementary school itself named ‘The Sound of Music’. He also appeared in many movies from the age of 9 as a child actor like Radio Flyer (1992), The Good Son (1993), North (1994) etc. One thing was for sure that he was going to have an awesome career. In order for him to pursue his dreams his family moved to Los Angeles but his father did not come as his parents got divorced. From then on he got many teenage roles in great movies which he happily accepted like ‘The Ice Storm (1997), Deep Impact (1998), The Faculty (1998) and many more.

Elijah Wood Net Worth

He was also starred in movies like The Lord of the Rings, Eternal sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Apart from acting the actor is also a voice artist and has voiced various movies like ‘Happy Feet’, ‘Happy Feet Two’,’9’, ‘Legend of Spyro Tribology’ and many other including some for the cartoon network. In 2005 the actor started his own record named ‘Simian Records’. He is a big music fan and has a massive music collection of 4000 vinyl records and several other CD’s.

Education: The actor went to St. Patricks Catholic School in his childhood. But just after completing the 3rd grade his family moved to Los Angeles for his acting career. He was home – schooled at L.A. as they were not able to find a regular one due to his schedule of shootings, appearances etc.

Net Worth of Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood has a net worth of $35 million with a majority of contribution made by the movies he is starred in. Other than acing he has also produced few movies and is a DJ too. The following are some number –

Cooties – USD $5,244,755
Open Windows – USD $4,261,364
Set Fire to the Stars – USD $3,246,753
Broken Age – USD $2,435,065
Over the Garden Wall – USD $2,078,714 etc.

The celebrity owns a lavish piece of real estate in Santa Monica, California. It is a massive 2130 sq. ft. home containing 3 bedroom, dining room, office, living room, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Further the house has expensive hardwood flooring and is equipped with antique furniture.

Wood has a good taste in cars too and owns two luxury cars. One of them is an Audi A4 and the other one is a Mini cooper with a sport white roof. The actor is seen driving to work and home in these cars.

There are a number of sources the actor earns from apart from his role in movies and T.V. show and appearances. He endorses a large number of brands and also receives sponsorships. His appearances in award functions and events is chargeable. Moreover he is also available for booking for events or corporate functions etc. Voicing films and characters also adds a handsome number of zeros in his bank account.

The actor stormed the social media by appearing on the famous Jimmy fallon show on the 23rd of February. He along with other special guests Susan Saradon and Little Big Town played musical chairs on the show. This was loved by the audience as well as his worldwide fans.

The actor faced many hardships in life and even saw his parents being divorced, but he did not gave up on his dreams. He followed them and achieved great heights of success. Wood is also associated with many NGOs and support the cause like ALDO/ Youth AIDS, keeping a child alive etc. This signifies that the celebrity understands his responsibility towards the society. Wood has earned a number of nominations as well as accolades for his marvellous contribution to the industry.