Demi Moore Net Worth

Who is Demi Moore and what is her net worth 2018? Demi Moore is a seasoned veteran who has been an idol for all aspiring actresses. She ruled the 80’s and 90’s giving us amazing movies one after the other. She has also been a huge name in the world of modelling and had some high profile photo-shoots.

Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico, U.S. on November 11th 1962. She had a really messed up childhood. Her biological father Charles Harmon Sr. an Air Force airman left Demi’s mother Virginia after a two-month marriage. Her mother married Dan Guynes and they raised Demi together until their split in 1978. Dan committed suicide at just 37, two years after the separation. Her mother Virginia had a history of misconduct and had a long list of arrests including arson and drunk driving. Moore broke off all contacts with her in 1990 after Virginia walked away from a rehab stay that Moore had paid for. She later died of cancer in July 1998 at just 54.

Demi Moore Net Worth

Moore moved to Los Angeles when she was just 15. She then dropped out of High School and also moved out of her family’s home. Later she went to Europe and joined Elite Modelling Agency while also taking drama classes. She got few roles here and there mostly in mid to low-budget movies in the mid-eighties. She eventually got her big break in 1986 when she was cast in “About Last Knight” which earned her critical praise. In 1990 she starred in another massive hit “Ghost” which earned over $505 million at the box office. Within a few movies, Moore had become an international star.

Education: Demi Moore had a rough childhood. Her personal family issues meant she would never be able to live a peaceful schooling career which most kids have. When she was just 13, she found out that she her real life father had left her mother even before Demi was born. She noticed that her birth certificate showed she was born in 1962 while her Mom got married to her second husband in 1963.

She often considered her stepfather as her real father as he raised her up. Moore left her schooling at just 15 years of age and moved to West Hollywood, California where her mother used to work for a magazine-distribution company. There she attended Fairfax High School. However, that was short lived as next year she left high school and left for Europe where she joined a Modeling academy and started taking Drama classes.

Demi Moore Net Worth

Demi Moore has an estimated net worth of $170 million. In the 90’s, there was no bigger name than Demi Moore. She had even managed to get her name in Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest paid actress. Movies like Ghost (1990), A Few Good Men (1992), Striptease (1996) and G.I. Jane (1997) made her into such a star that people would wait eagerly for her movies to be released. Not only has her movies helped her net worth immensely but she has also earned loads of money due to her modelling career. She has often taken part in high profile photo-shoots for huge names like Vogue, Vanity Fair and more.

Demi Moore has a huge family home in Beverley Hills California. It was designed by designer Brad Dunning who followed Demi’s desire to maintain this house’s medieval authenticity. The property stands at 5,000 sq. ft. and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms overlooking a canyon. This mansion is cuddled up in a canyon hillside in Beverly Hills and maintains total privacy from neighbours and also shields them from cameras of paparazzi.

Demi is not a huge car collector but it can be said she is fond of her cars. She has three stunning cars which she loves to take out for a drive every now and then. In her collection she has, a Mercedes Benz S500 Sedan, the hybrid Toyota Prius and 2012 Lexus LS 600H.

Demi Moore is more than what meets the eye. She is more than just an incredibly talented actress and a stunning model. She is also a former songwriter and an established executive producer. She has been known for executive producing all three Austin Powers films which have been huge commercial successes. She has also executive produced the famous interview series “The Conversation” for the Lifetime Network. She is also a founding investor of the restaurant franchise “Planet Hollywood”.

She is also involved heavily in Charity work, mostly related the her non-profit, not-governmental organisation named “Thorn (previously Demi and Ashton Foundation DNA)” which fights against those who abuse and traffic children or solicit sex with them or share and create child pornography.

Demi Moore used to rule the screens in late 80’s and most of the 90’s before her career headed downwards. Even after her downfall, she managed to gather a large crowd whenever she was cast in a movie. These days, she is rarely seen in lead roles in movies; however she is actively involved with cinema as an executive producer and director.