Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth 2018

Who is Daniel Radcliffe and what is his net worth 2018? Many of us have dreamt of possessing magical powers in our early teens and well into our twenties even for some. Whether it could help us lift objects, bring them to life or even if help us to fly, it was indeed one of the most desired and sought after fantasies. Definitely, none of them was ever a reality in our personal lives but it was Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter in the movie series by the same name, who gave us the closest feel and thrill of our dreams of becoming a wizard.

It was only in 2001 when Daniel Radcliff was just eleven, that he was casted as Harry Potter in the first instalment of the series going by the name ‘Harry Potter and the Soccer’s Stone’ and continued to win our hearts and even the mind with his wonderful acting right up to the very end in 2011 when the series came to an end with its eighth instalment. But before Harry Potter happened Radcliffe had already made his debut in the BBC One’s television film David Cooperfield and later on made his cinematic debut in the film The Tailor of Panama.

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth

Early Life

He was born in Hammersmith, England at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital on 23rd of July, 1989. Daniel Jacob Radcliff is the only child to his parents Alan George Radcliff and Matcia Jeanine Greeshma. His father comes from a working class Protestant Family who was born in Bandage city of County Down Ireland while his mother who is a Jewish was born in South Africa and raised in Westcliff-on- Sea, Essex.

The ancestors of Daniel’s maternal family were immigrants from Russia and Poland. His father is a literary agent while his mother is a casting agent and has been involved with several films of BBC, including The Inspector Lynley Series and Walk away and I Stumble. Both of his parents had acted as children which is maybe one of the reasons for their child to touch the heights of fame well in his early teens.

He has also been nominated and won numerous prestigious awards. Right in the year 2011 his nominations included – Best Young Performer for Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Best Breakthrough Male Performance for MTV Movie Awards and Best Ensemble for Young Artist Awards. He won the Teen Choice Awards for Male Breakout Star and Hollywood Women’s Press Club’s Male Youth Discovery of the Year in the same year itself. Since then he has been nominated for the Grammy Awards (2012) and has won the Broadway Audience Award (2010) and Scream Awards (2011).

Education: There is not much to say about the education of Radcliffe. He studied at two independent schools for boys – Sussex House School, which was a day school at Chelsea’s Cardigan and the City of London School on the North Bank of the River Thames in London’s financial district. Having started acting at an early age it became difficult for him to continue with his studies and he even had even arrange for on-set tutors to help him learn and guide through the studies he would miss back at school.

He worked in and as Harry Potter film series which kept him occupied and busy with work. He did not go to any college or university for studies was not of much interest to him and he had already expressed his interest to take up acting as his career.

Net Worth of Daniel Radcliffe

Any guesses of how much is this smart and handsome man worth? Well it may come as a surprise but he has a net worth of $140 million and earns around currently earns around $25 million per year. He is also to be the richest young actor of Britain. It was the Harry Potter movie series that made his entry into the golden category and he had earned a whooping $1 million for the very first film of the series.

He happens to be have the highest net worth among the Harry Potter actors surpassing much ahead of Emma Watson and Rupert Grint who were his co – actors in the movie series. He is second only to the creator of it all – J.K. Rowling who has a net worth of $1 billion, who needs to be credited much for gifting a fortune to Radcliffe through her novels.

Radcliffe’s wizardry is not simply limited to him playing the Harry Potter but also in the property market. He has three luxury properties in his kitty, each having a splendour and beauty of its own. The most recent one was the purchase of a house that is located at West 12th street and the present value of which is around $4 million. The other to properties in his kitty is the 40 Mercer Home and 1 Morton Square Home both of which are located in New York. The three houses take his total property value to a staggering $10 million.

Unlike the three lavish properties that he has purchased, there is just one car that Radcliffe owns. The green Fiat Grande Punto that he has is an eco- friendly and inexpensive vehicle. With roomy soft touch interiors and some stitchy leather it gives a great mileage to the owner.

There is not much rolling up Radcliffe’s sleeves at the moment and the only thing that is particularly drawing his earnings high is from the salary that he earns from his movies. There are no particular brand endorsements that he has neither does he have any immediate plan of turning into a producer, which is actually wise considering his young and vibrant age. His company Gilmore Jacobs that manages his investments and properties is worth to take note of for it recently boasted a fortune of a colossal $68 million.

This young and vibrant has really taken the whole industry by storm. He doesn’t shy away from venturing into challenging roles and delivers the best to his producers. He has got the thing in him which makes the audience, especially the women connect with him. With 3 movies already wrapped up and one in post- production stage he certainly has a few more spells to cast with his magic wand in the coming years. We may even see him venturing into singing for all of us can recall his beautiful rapping skills when he rapped Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics on Jimmy Fallon’s show. There is a lot that is being expected out of this Harry Potter wizard.