Daniel Craig Net Worth 2019

Who is Daniel Craig and what is his net worth 2019? Now known as James bond (his portrayal of British secret agent James Bond in movies), Daniel Craig was born in Chester, Cheshire, England on 2nd of march 1968. He started his career as the actor at age of six by playing drama at his school.

Early Life

His mother was art teacher and father was the landlord of the pub in England. At age of sixteen, he moved to London to advance his career as an actor. He also appeared in TV series like Zorro and then he was playing supporting roles in many British movies but who knew that he would be known as James bond one day for his extraordinary skills. This made him a known face & he landed roles in a few mainstream Hollywood movies like Road to Perdition, the girl with dragon tattoo, Munich etc.

Daniel Craig Net Worth

Net Worth of Daniel Craig

In early stages, his only source of income was the theater circuits but after getting into Hollywood the line of his income became steeper and steeper. You won’t believe but he now charges almost $4-6 million US dollar per movie after being famous by the series of James bond movies. Being the face of the blockbuster James Bond franchise that has helped him to get estimated net worth of staggering $120 million. It includes his luxurious houses in New York and London, his super cars and luxurious cars and other luxurious expensive toys. One of the great things about his is that He is involved in a lot of charity work & supports philanthropic organisations like Afghanistan.

After their wedding, James bond and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Daniel Craig and Oscar winner actress Rachel Weisz bought an apartment in New York city. You won’t believe but they spent eye-catching $11.5 million USD on this New York building, and they are settling them after the grueling task of search for property in the city like New York. the

This house is located on Greene Street of So Ho area of Manhattan, NYC. The price of this house is staggering and undoubtedly the house of James bond must be full of secrets and excitements. This luxury house is three bedroom, three bathroom triplex home with a total living area of 4,350 square feet and 2000 square feet of them is free outdoor space.

After being the famous face of film industries by his James bond movies and cars that have appeared in those movies like Jaguar CX-75 (Skyfall), Aston martin DB5 & DB10 and many other. What do your expect from his car collection? He has the great collection of limited edition cars such as Audi S6, Aston Martin vantage roadster (The gentleman car as well as the super sports car) and Lexus RX 350. The limited edition black colored Audi S6 was his first car in his expensive garage while he bought his Aston on his 45th birthday which is in orange color with the convertible black roof. And the Lexus RX 350 is midsize plush, crossover SUV in black.

He has been married twice.Daniel Craig got married to an actress Racheln Weisz ( Daniel, became close while filming movie thriller Dream House together) in 2010. But before that, His first marriage was to actress Fiona Loudon whom he married in 1992 but somehow it ended up in divorce in 1994. Moreover, he dated a film producer Satsuki Mitchell for seven years and ended up with break up. But he has the cute daughter now named Ella Craig from his current wife Rachel Weisz. One more thing he also dated a german actress Heike Makatsch for seven years, it is quite remarkable that his every relationship was more than five years long! Yeah, his first marriage was an exception case.

* His third secret agent James Bond film, Sky fall in 2012 is now the highest-grossing film in the series and ranked the ninth highest-grossing film of all time.

* He earned 7th rank Elle magazine of France ’15 sexiest Men’ poll in 2007.

* He performed the second highest grossing (almost $17.5 million) broadway play of 2013 with his wife Rachel Weisz titled Betrayal.

* His favorite holiday destination is St. Barts, west indies.

There are many other facts and memorable events of his that one article can’t have it all. Daniel Craig is now one of the highest paid actors as Mentioned he charges like $4-6 million per movie. Moreover, he is must be great person and father. Hope he will never stop amaze us by his enticing and exciting movies.