Chuck Norris Net Worth

Who is Chuck Norris and what is his net worth 2018? Chuck Norris is a well known celebrity in Hollywood, ever since he starred with the legendary Bruce Lee in his iconic movie “Return of the Dragon”. The stupendous success of the movie made Chuck Norris a household name all over the world. That was in the early seventies, and after the untimely death of Bruce Lee a few projects starring them together were shelved.

Undaunted by this tragedy, Chuck, as he is affectionately known; worked in a series of eponymous action films starring as the Texas Ranger. These movies were moderate to huge hits, but nothing like the “Return of the Dragon”. Read on to know more about the tall, well-built star who was one of the most prominent martial artists in USA.

Chuck Norris Net Worth 2018-2019

Chuck Norris was born on March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma to his parents Wilma and Ray Norris. His father was a World War II veteran. His baptized name was Carlos Ray Norris. The first name Carlos was in honor of their family priest, as Chuck’s family was very religious and conservative. Chuck had English, Scottish, Welsh and German ancestry from his parent’s side and his grandmother was a Cherokee American Indian. He has two younger brothers Wieland and Aaron, and only Aaron is alive and is a movie producer in Hollywood.

His parents divorced when he was sixteen. His mom along with his siblings moved to Kansas and later to Torrance. Ray, as Chuck Norris was called in those days, was not very good in studies. During his growing-up years he was a shy and not-very-tough looking. He steadily worked to the top, beginning with a humble start of a career as a bus and truck driver, then a mechanic.

He later joined the US Air Force in 1958. During his service in the armed forces he had developed a liking for martial arts. He practiced it with dedication and became a highly skilled martial artist, well known for his prowess and power. His almost six feet of height made him a formidable opponent in martial arts championships.

After retirement from the defense services, Chuck began teaching martial arts. His fame as a fighter and fight choreographer spread. He soon found work in the Hollywood studios. He acted in 1969, in a supporting role in the movie “The Wrecking Crew”, but the movie did not do very well at the box office.

Three years later, in 1972, he got the role of a US Karate Champion who fights the legendary Bruce Lee in the movie “Return of the Dragon”. This movie, also released as “The Way of the Dragon”, was a stupendous success and the fight formed the climax of the movie. With this, Chuck became a familiar face in Hollywood.

In 1993 he got an America television series with the leading role, called “Walker Texas Ranger”. This series was an instant hit. He continued to play the lead in the series till 2001. He has worked in several martial arts action movies like “Lone Wolf McQuade”, “Code of Silence”, “The Delta Force” as well as block buster movies like “Missing In Action”. “Firewalker” and “The Expendables”.

Chuck is married to Gena O’Kelly. Norris was earlier married to Dianne Holechek for thirty years. But the couple divorced in 1988. Norris has five kids and nine grandchildren. Chuck Norris is a devout Christian and has written several books on Christianity. Chuck Norris has contributed to several social causes and charity organisations. He is actively involved with the Make a Wish Foundation. He also supports the Republican politicians.

Education: Although Chuck worked as a mechanic in addition to being a truck and bus driver; he did not attain any formal college degree. He was not good in studies during school. But what he lacked in formal education, he more than made it up for it through his hard work and dedication to martial arts. He has the attained the highest degree in the belt grading system in Karate. He was the senior most Karate Grand Master outside of Japan.

Chuck Norris Net Worth

Chuck Norris is a saleable Hollywood star. He has worked in top grosser Hollywood movies. Very conservative estimates of his total net worth places him at more than $80.5 millions.

Besides the well-known assets of Chuck Norris, like movies, brand endorsement deals, movie productions; Chuck Norris also owns a chain of restaurants called the “Fat Norris Burger”. His assets also include a football team, “The Ryan Angels” named after his home town in Oklahoma. he also has his own brand of vodka called “Pure Wonder Norris”. He also owns a perfume named after him, “With Love from Chuck”. He has also invested in a line of fashion clothing called “Chuck Norris Seduction”. He reportedly owns a number of premium real estate, including a mansion in Dallas.

Chuck Norris as Business Model

Chuck Norris’ business model is based on his expertise in the martial arts. He has leveraged this skill to work in Hollywood movies and attain the top ranks among action movie stars. His earning mostly comes from acting in the successful Hollywood movies and television series. He has also bagged some high value modelling assignments. He has acted in advertisements endorsing such big brands as Mountain Dew and Gazelle Total Gym. Chuck Norris also owns a company in Hollywood, called The Top Kick Productions Inc.

Chuck Norris is an extremely private person and keeps himself away from unwanted publicity glares. Maintaining deliberately such low profile makes him a recluse, and any latest news about him would be known when he will be launching a new product or venture.

Chuck Norris is an extremely talented martial artist-turned-movie star. He has developed his own style of martial arts which he is propagating through his academies. It is a mix of several forms of martial arts that he has learnt and practiced. He is a wonderful human being who helps the needy through charities and contributes to social causes.