Christian Bale Net Worth

Who is Christian Bale and what is his net worth 2018? Christian Bale has been the face of many blockbusters in the world of cinemas. His popularity rose when he signed for the role of the masked superhero Batman in The Dark Knight Series directed by the famous director of all time Christopher Nolan.

He was also loved and appreciated for his crazy acting skills in Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho. This only proves the versatility of the actor’s persona. From a role handpicked by the directors to the role where he auditioned among 4000 other candidates, Christian Bale hit the spot with his professionalism and his love for acting.

Christian Bale Net Worth

With 76.1k followers from all across the globe, Bale surely is one of the top International celebrities who is cherished by the ‘Baleheads’ (his fans are referred as). His achievement’s list is long down, from The Academy Awards to Golden Globe Awards. He has it all, with hundreds of nominations and thousands of Awards, he still sets the competition high for his other contenders.

From a performance in the pit of a well to dropping the weight to 63 pounds, Christian Bale gave his all to fit the role. When it comes to acting and demand of a role, he never once winced at giving a non-impressive look to his audience. This shows the dedication towards the profession he loves.

At the tender age of 13 he got his first big break as Jim Graham in the 1987’s film Empire of the sun, directed by none other than Steven Spielberg. And soon his popularity increased even as a child artist.

Bale was born on 30th January 1974 to Jenny Bale a circus performer and to David Bale, an entrepreneur and talent manager. Born into the family where both his parents were into the entertainment business, he soon developed a love for acting.

On January 2000, Bale tied the knot with his longtime partner Sandra “Sibi” Blažić, who was former model and personal assistant to Winona Ryder.This incident broke many hearts all across the globe. This 43 year old mega star is now a proud father of two very beautiful son and daughter.

Education: Bale attended Bournemouth School, but left at the age of 16. He reasoned frequent changes of location made it harder for him stay in one place and attend school. He also credits the same reason for the choice of career that he opted.

Christian Bale Net Worth

The versatile actor stands with a net worth of $90 million. At the beginning of The Dark Knight Series, Batman begins earned $10 million and Bonus $20 million as bonus due to the immense success at Box-office. And as of 2013, The Dark Knight Rises grossed $350-400 million worldwide.

Christian Bale has starred in many a movies but among all few of his best ones are American Psycho where he portrayed Patrick Bateman with a great perfection. Few other best movies are Batman Begins in 2005, The Dark Knight in 2008 and The Dark Night Rises in 2012, the Fighter in 2010 and many others.

This simple yet very talented star is not very keen on indulging on fancy cars. He owns a simple old black BMW 325i car.

This multi talented superstar cannot be enlisted as the business stereotypes. Though he is on a lot of charity activities but he stays away from the business and other events.

This simple, cool headed actor still managed to be on the controversies for various reasons. On the sets of the Termination Bale went on an argument with the director of photography Shane Hurlbut of the film. As many witnessed him go furious over the director photography. Reports say that it was the second time the actor was knocked off from his concentration. It is well known to his fans that Christian Bale is inclined to give the best shot without a second take. Christian Bale even threatened the photography director and threatened that he will quit the film if the photography director was not replaced.

After various misunderstanding the actor came to realise the importance of the project and even apologised openly in front of the audience and his fans. He said he was out of order beyond belief. The director of the film said that if someone is working under a lot of pressure and holding a great responsibility, it is easy for him/her to lose control and behave out of order. Now with the issues resolved Christian Bale has been identified as a role model for the new generation.