Chris Tucker Net Worth 2020

Who is Chris Tucker and how much his net worth 2020? The ‘Rush Hour’ series actor, Christopher ‘Chris’ Tucker is an American actor and stand-up comedian. Tucker was born on 31 August 1971 and he is known for his excellent performance in ‘Friday’ as ‘Smokey’. The hometown of Tucker belongs to Atlanta, Georgia. Out of six children, Chris was youngest of all and from the very beginning; he had a very jocular nature and was always praised for his notions and jokes.

Early Life

Tucker completed his schooling from Columbia High School in Decatur and went to Los Angeles, California to make a career in the field of comedy. Tucker’s talent came into notice in the show ‘Def Comedy Jam’ in which he used to perform frequently. He stepped in Hollywood as an actor with ‘House Party 3’. Although, his debutant movie was ‘House Party 3’ but he gained popularity from the movie ‘Friday’.

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Tucker is known for his performance in the ‘Rush Hour’ series in which he was cast as Detective James Carter along with the veteran actor, Jackie Chan. He was also featured in a music video with the great Micheal Jackson and he also shared a good friendship with him. His important works include his performance in Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra and Silver Linings Playbook. He had also made appearances in Panther, Dead Presidents, Money Talks, The Fifth Element and Jackie Brown and in 2015, he started a live talk show called Chris Tucker-Live. Tucker has a son named Destin Tucker from his ex-girlfriend named Asia Pryor and he got engaged to his longtime anchor girlfriend, Cynne Simpson.

Net Worth of Chris Tucker

The net worth of Chris Tucker is about $15 million. Though back in time, Chris Tucker was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood but reportedly, he has been rumoured to be alleged of not paying taxes. Chris Tucker’s movie, Rush Hour 2 collected a business of about $347 million worldwide and Tucker managed to earn an approximate of $20 million from this movie. This series made Tucker the highest paid man in Hollywood. (349) The third movie in the franchise was released after almost 6 years, apparently due to high salary demands of Chris Tucker. Though the movie didn’t earn according to the expected result, Tucker still managed to earn an approximate of $25 million.

Though the money he earned didn’t help him in the long run as Tucker stated that he doesn’t have enough money to get back his mortgaged Florida property. He added that he was not able to pay his bills.

In 2011, after quite a break from movies, Chris Tucker stated in an interview with Black Enterprises that he was interested in producing projects that he’d like. As mentioned above, he owes around $12 million to IRS back in taxes because of which he doesn’t much of business investments.

He won the MTV Movie for Best Duo for his excellent performance in Rush Hour Series with the legendary actor, Jackie Chan. He was also awarded Kid’s Choice Award for Best Movie Actor along with Teen’s Choice Award Choice Movie Actor both for the movie Rush Hour 2. He earned a lot of awards and recognition for Rush Hour series.

The actor though made a lot of money and hearts but all his efforts were in vain as he has a debt of about $11.5 million and that’s much of a big amount. Due to his debt, he couldn’t make much of business investments and even had to mortgage his assets. Chris tucker is currently indulged in stand-up comedy and is looking for more projects. His life has been very fulfilling and he has made quite an impact on the entertainment industry.