Charlie Sheen Net Worth 2019

Who is Charlie Sheen and what is his net worth 2019? Born on 3rd September 1965, Charlie Sheen is an renowned American Hollywood actor. He became popular among the crowds after a series of consecutive successful films namely Wall Street (1987), Eight Men Out (1988), Hot Shots (1991), Major League (1989), The Three Musketeers (1993) and Young Guns (1988). What makes him stand out in the crowd among other hundreds of actors are his stylistic looks and his versatile acting skills.

He has always been amidst controversies as an Hollywood actor. There were reports of his indulging in alcohol and drug abuse and he was even charged with allegations of domestic violence. In 2011, his contract for a series, Two and a Half Men was turned down by CBS and Warner Bros which further led to a downfall in his career.

Charlie Sheen Net Worth

In the year 2015, he revealed that he was HIV positive though he had maintained that secret for around four years. Did you know that he is associated with several charity organisations and philanthropic causes? His humanitarian work is extensive. Some of the famous foundations for which he works include Lili Claire Foundation , Aids for Aids and Chrysalis.

Education: Charlie Sheen’s keen started his acting at Santa Monica High School where he made amateur Super 8 films with his brother and some school friends. This performance helped him to cultivate his acting skills further. But did you know that he was dismissed from school a week before completion of his graduation due to poor attendance and marks? But, even after that,he decided to become an actor and hence adopted the stage name Charlie Sheen.


His filming career began in the year 1984 where he played the role in his debut film Red Dawn which was based on the story of a teen cold war drama. His co stars were the renowned actors namely Patrick Swayze, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Great and Thomas Howell. Furthermore, his appearance in an episode of famous anthology series, Amazing Stories made him popular. He got a chance to prove his talent with his first prominent role in a drama namely Platoon (1986). In the following year, he was starred with his father in both Platoon and Wall Street which was directed by Oliver Stone.

Some of his successive hits included Grizzly, Eight Men Out, Young Guns, Men at Work ,Cadence,The Rookie, Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1997, Sheen wrote his first movie, Discovery Mars, which was a documentary elucidating the question, “Is There Life on Mars?”. The next year, Sheen produced, wrote and starred in the action movie No Code of Conduct.Sheen also appeared in several comedy roles, including in the Major League films, Money Talks, and the Hot Shots films.

Undoubtedly, his amazing personality complements his versatile acting skills which have made him immensely popular in Hollywood Industry. His achievements in Hollywood film industry are innumerable and the list is nevertheless unending. Though Charlie Sheen has able been involved in controversies due to his personal life and relationships, his great contributions in Hollywood cannot be forgotten.

Net Worth of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s net worth is estimated to be around $160 million which makes him one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood. This rich and renowned celebrity owns a splendid mansions which are Mulholland Estate and Silver Valley Ranch. Some of his luxurious collections of cars include Mercedes Benz S 600 and NASCAR Ford Mustang.

In one of the recent interviews held in January, Charlie Sheen confessed that he was too nice to Ashton Kutcher. The 51 year old actor said that he was regretful after he was thrown out from the famous Two and a Half Men and Ashton immediately joined the show. The bone of contention was Ashton’s immediate approval to become the part of the show which wasn’t liked by Charlie Sheen.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the finest actors who has made an indelible mark and has made an unique place through his great acting skills. His achievements and success in film making can be credited to his efforts of his family. Undoubtedly,he is a rising star and an inspiration to all those young men who wish to achieve indefeasible feats in their lives. Apart from his stunning looks, he is a perfect blend of good humor and personality, all of which is needed to become a great actor. Undoubtedly, his future is bright and his consistent performances have proved that he is the best in lot.