Brendan Fraser Net Worth 2018

Who is Brendan Fraser and what is his net worth 2018? Brendan Fraser was born on 3rd of December 1968 and he is of both American and Canadian Nationality having a height of 6 feet and 3 inches. He is an actor, a film producer and a photographer by profession. On hearing about Brendan Fraser, one may be interested to know more about this great American celebrity who has hit the face of the world.

Early Life

This celebrity realised his calling at an early age where he considered being an actor hence he opted to make money rather than just sitting in class and graduating. Brendan Fraser was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States of America. Born artist Brendan Fraser was the son of Carol Mary, the citizen of Canada and Peter Fraser, the citizen of United States. Parents of Brendan Fraser were well educated in their profession.

Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Mom was employed as a sales counsellor and his father who worked as a journalist as Government Officer of Tourism for the Canadian government. George Genereux, Fraser’s uncle was the winner of summer Olympics in 1952 with a gold medal and earned pride to the Canada. Brendan Fraser has three older brothers namely Kevin, Regan, and Sean. His role in the American-Canadian film where he joined while a teenager was loved by many people and this is where his journey started.

The film career was successful and made Brendan Fraser earn his net worth and made him be even more famous. Many people have written about him stating his net worth as between $20 to $45 million. Brendan Fraser was committed in his profession and therefore took up many roles in the films. He played roles that matched his personality and was committed to doing his best in the three-part mummy series where he acted as Rick O’Connell.

He was also a comedian and acted comedic roles in Hollywood films including George of the Jungle. He acted his comedic roles nicely until most people liked it. There are different views on the actual net worth of the celebrity but different figures with small margin have been given out.

Net Worth of Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser have a net worth of $35 million. An individual may wonder how these actual figures were arrived at and how the net worth was calculated to add up to the total value. Brendan Fraser has mortgages, child support responsibility, and alimony which he has to pay for.

In 2013, he went to court and through his lawyer complained about the amount he paid which summed up to $87,000 and he was seeking for the reduction of this amount claiming that he no longer earned the many millions that came at the height of his fame. It can be ascertained that the $35 million net worth was reached at before his monthly deductions were calculated out. It should also be considered that Brendan like any other individual has a lot of expenses that makes him spent a good percentage of his money even up to today.

Apart from the child support where he pays $25,000 and alimony that cost him $50,000 monthly, he has to pay other monthly expenses that include $113,000 for professional expenses, $6,000 property taxes, $5000 family support, $5000 insurance and $5000 mortgages. This article asserts that his expenses outweigh his monthly salary which amounts to $205,704. Apart from this monthly salary, Brendan Fraser owns a modern designed house Beverly Hills, California.

The house is kept on sale for $4 million having been made up with soaring ceiling, floor-to-ceiling glass, white walls, glass tiles and stainless steel. The description of the house shows how this investment can raise the net worth of the celebrity by a higher percentage. Conclusion it should be noted that the net worth of an individual is the total assets minus all liabilities. Most probably these calculations have not been made more accurately and this is what brings about the difference in the figures believed to be Fraser’s net worth.

In order to come up with more reliable net worth, all the assets should be considered and all liabilities also should be considered. Another reason as to why these values are different is time, most assets that are involved the reports include the millions that the celebrity got at the start of his film career.