Bill Burr Net Worth

Who is Bill Burr and what is his net worth 2018? The podcasts are always interesting people since the topic with which it all started never remains as the conversation prolongs. Comedic podcasts are always the best as it also suddenly includes roasting between the host and the speaker. Being a comedian has its own perks and podcasting is one among them, if the standup is to entertain people live, podcasts are to entertain everywhere they are heard. One such comedian is Bill Burr.

Even though he has appeared in many live talks shows his podcasts are always the people’s favorite, and never fails to make the audience laugh. His most famed podcast is named as the Monday Morning Podcast in which he appears as Patrick Kuby, in the AMC Crime drama series, Breaking Bad. Bill also makes an animated series debut in the Netflix original “F is for Family”.

Bill Burr Net Worth

Bill was born on 10th June 1968 in Canton, Massachusetts. He was born to Linda Ann and Robert Edmund Burr. His father had an interesting lineage with his ancestry being German and Irish. His father was a dentist by profession. He got his degree in radio from the college, Emerson which is located in Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 1993.

He worked at a warehouse before deciding to take up a career in comedy. He was also interested in creating a series of podcasts from when he was young. He often remarked jokingly that if his boss was giving him a hard time he could just drive away as he worked with the machines used in a warehouse.

Career: Bill started his career as a comedian in the year 1992 and subsequently decided to move to New York after three years. Bill regularly records a 1-hour long podcast every week. This is part of the podcast series titled Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. This podcast included topics that involved his past and recent experiences, topics that talk about the current what’s what and sports and other social issues.

His podcast is famous for its funny presentation and how he takes the time to answer questions posed by his fans through the mail. Bill also has an official website by his own name and he has been in collaboration with the All Things Comedy Network which releases his podcast on their platforms. His podcasts are often joined by his wife Nia Hill, and also is featured by many other co-comedians, who are interviewed and asked about their views on certain issues.

Apart from being a popular comedian and inviting people on his own podcast, Bill is often invited as a guest on other comedian’s podcasts, including shows like Opie and Anthony’s, You made it weird with Pete Holmes and the ever-popular Nerdist podcast. He also featured on Marc Maron’s podcast which was called WTF and is a hugely popular satirical podcast. Bill was also among the first guests to be invited to Tom Cast’s podcast.

Bill also has a recognizable voice which led to him voicing over for the part of Jason Michaels, a character in the Grand Theft Auto 4 game. Bill recorded Let It Go at The Fillmore in San Francisco which made him more popular. “You People Are All The Same” was Bill’s stand-up special which he performed in several states, and which was later released exclusively on Netflix in 2012.

Bill was often touted to be the “Comedian’s comedian” by fellow comics and critics in the industry. Bill’s outing in the movie industry began with “Date Night” in which he played the role of a detective named Walsh. Bill was more popular for his acting on a couple of seasons he was on the drama show, Breaking Bad. In 2013, he played the role of Mark Mullins in the buddy cop film called “The Heat”. Bill was working on another special after this and he released this special exclusively on Netflix on January 31st this year. This 2017 stand up extravaganza was named, ‘Walk Your Way Out’ and it was a whopping five-hour long podcast!

Bill Burr Net Worth

Bill net worth is estimated $4.5 million. Being a popular comedian, the bill goes on tours which help bring in the money and his solo shows generate huge revenue for him. He has also been receiving a salary for his specials which appear on Comedy Central and on Netflix. He also received a substantial amount as salary for his appearance on the drama show, ‘Breaking Bad’. He has also released three albums till now, which have bought him a huge amount of money from sales. His weekly podcast is his main source of revenue currently. He was most recently estimated to have $4.5 million US dollars. There is no information available about any assets or properties he may possess.

An artist always faces difficulty to rise up in their field and Bill Burr is no exception. He is an inspiration to aspiring comedians like him and he has proved it to his fans that becoming big as a comedian is entirely possible which is evident from his huge net worth!