Ben Stiller Net Worth

Who is Ben Stiller and what is his net worth 2018? This star seems to have it all, a prolific actor, director, producer and reason for your laughs, thanks to his starting gigs in Saturday Night live. Ben Stiller is one those stars who is known for his comic timing in his TV series and movies. He has given us family comedies from Zoolander, where he mocks the stereotypical ways of male models to Crazy Stupid Love, portraying the mid life crisis in an adult’s life in the most hilarious construct. ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’ being his best performance.

Born in New York City in 1965, Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller was born to be the star, and his comic timing seems to be a blessing that he inherited from his parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara who were comedians themselves. In some way he was brought to be a part of show business, all the travelling and late nights, which initiated his early interest in film making.

Ben Stiller Net Worth 2018-2019

Like any other actor he had his share of affairs with his costars like Calista Flockhart, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Amanda Peet. But he settled for true love when he met Christine Taylor. Stiller married ‘Christine Taylor’ in 2000 and are since happy together with two children.

Education: Ben completed his schooling from Cathedral School of St. John the Divine, and also graduated in New York in 1983 from Calhoun School. Later he started performing in Jadin Wong’s opening act as a cabaret circuit. He then went to Los Angeles to enroll in University of California as film student but dropped it in nine months to come back in New York and went through various acting classes. After returning he completely focused on acting, went on a quest to find an agent.

Ben Stiller Net Worth

Creating content through his talent since childhood the American actor has managed to build an empire of $160 million. Almost having his hands full, the actor not only acts but also is known for his script writing, and direction skills. Stiller is getting his income from every possible aspect of film industry. Comedy drama being one of the favourite genre amongst every age group, gave many of Stiller’s movies an opening of almost $2 million in USA itself, adding his name into the list of one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Known for his every man looks, Stiller lives nothing like your guy next door. Owner of an 11 bathroom house, modelled in Spanish style in Hollywood hills estimated as $12.5 million. He also own the New York condo worth $15 million.

Ben has a taste for speed and loves his Audi Q7.

Ben Stiller as Business Model

Being an actor, producer and director gave him the opportunity to understand the working politics and stigma within the industry from up close, which is one of the reasons behind the constant success of his production house ‘Dream Works Animation’. He also actively participates in philanthropic work, for which the Time Magazine appreciated his efforts by adding his name to the 100 most influential people list. He is been nominated and winner of many awards for acting, he won Emmy Award for ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ in the category of ‘Outstanding writing’ for a variety, Music or Comedy Program. Ben also holds a ‘Guinness World Record’ for holding an 8.56 meter long selfie stick, which was the longest selfie stick during the world premiere of Zoolander 2.

The actor got diagnosed by prostate cancer last year kept it low during his treatment days but now is coming out to talk about his experience as well as trying to spread awareness and motivating men to get tested regularly. He is always criticised for his movie choices for being funny, transparent and without any depth. People seem to ignore the satirical value in his content.

Laughter being the medicine to all your miseries, Ben is doing a service to us humans. With his good to go image and relatable looks he connects with the audience by making them smile. In his career he has been a part of 50 films in one way or another, by contributing to the industry and creating a legacy which craves to see more of his work.