Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2019

Who is Ashton Kutcher and what is his net worth 2019? Ashton Kutcher was born on 7th February 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S. He is an American Film Actor, Investor, Model, Venture Capitalist, Television Actor, and Executive Producer & Television Producer. He is best known for his films like ‘A Lot like Love,’ ‘Guess Who,’ ‘No Strings Attached’, ‘The Guardian,’ and ‘Jobs.’

Early Life

A talent spotter spotted him in college, which led him to model. The most notable among them was for Calvin Klein. In 1998, Kutcher was offered the role of Kelso on That ’70’s Show and that is how he began his acting career. He also tried his hands at production and made his production debut with MTV’s hit reality television show Punk’d.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth

In 2004, he appeared in the hit film titled The Butterfly Effect and apart from acting; he was also an executive producer on the film. Kutcher in his distinguished career starred in many hit films like A Lot like Love, Guess Who, No Strings Attached and The Guardian before landing one of his most expected roles till date: playing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs in the year 2013.

Net Worth of Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s net worth is $230 million. His net worth of $230 million is not only from his venture capital fund, it’s also from years of coming in at #1 on Forbes‘ annual ranking of the highest-earning actors on television (Kutcher makes $24 million per season on CBS’s Two And A Half Men, and even more when his episodes go into syndication in the years ahead). He’s also heavily invested in real estate and other businesses such as restaurants.

He owns a portion of Foursquare, the social network which allows users to ‘check in’ to locations, and in 2009 he was persuaded by Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors, to take a stake in Skype. It was a good tip. Two years later, Microsoft bought the online video call company for $8.6 billion. According to reports, Kutcher tripled his money.”

With wife Mila Kunis is expecting the couple’s first baby in the coming months, it is reported that the couple has bought themselves a lavish property of 9,385 square feet in Lake Hollywood Estates by trading Ashton’s Bachelor’s Pad of 7,351 square-foot property which was located in Beverly Hills. In comparison to the Kutcher’s old five bedrooms, eight bathroom house, which features a sauna, gym, an elevator and even wine cellar, the newer villa of the couple is said to be a more manageable comprising of three spacious bedrooms and four bathrooms. The new home of the couple is full privacy and safety.

Ashton Kutcher’s big bucks allow him to own very high-end luxury cars like Red colored Ferrari and Lexus Hybrid among others.

In 2005, Kutcher married Demi Moore at their Beverly Hills residence. Moore had three daughters from her previous wedding with actor Bruce Willis. They became their mom’s bridesmaids and walked her down the aisle. When Kutcher was in a relationship with Moore, he became very close with her daughters, so much so that they call him as “MOD,” (My Other Dad).

Kutcher and Moore decided to part their ways in 2011 but reached a divorce settlement in 2013. In 2012 when divorce proceedings were carried out, Kutcher started dating Mila Kunis, his co-star from That 70’s show. The couples got married in 2015 and are blessed with two children.

Ashton Kutcher has risen from the ranks to become one of the finest actors that we have today. He was at one point of time so poor that donated his blood for money while he was studying at the University of Iowa and look at him today living a lifestyle which many can only envy. Even in his professional career, he lost out on several roles initially, but he knew that he had it in him of what it takes to become successful at the highest level.

Besides owning luxurious homes and high-end cars, he has engaged himself in several philanthropic works which prove that he has not forgotten his old days and that’s what makes an inspiring personality off the screen as well.

Kutcher was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine. He formed the Demi and Ashton Foundation with his former wife Demi Moore, to stop child sex slavery worldwide.