Andy Milonakis Net Worth 2019

Who is Andy Milonakis and what is his net worth 2019? Andy Milonakis is a multi-talented personality who is known worldwide. He is an American actor, comedian, rapper and writer and is popularly known for his appearances on his show The Andy Milonakis Show which is aired on MTV2 and MTV and on the famous Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

He has also acted in several films and lends his voice in cartoon shows. Though Andy is 41 years, he has the voice of an adolescent owing to his congenital growth hormone condition. Even as a child, Andy was always interested in rapping and acting. Growing up, he applied his creativity and made himself famous internationally through the use of the internet.

Andy Milonakis Net Worth

Early Life

Born to his parents as Andrew Michael, on 30 January 1976 in Katonah, New York, Andy Milonakis is the owner of the show The Andy Milonakis Show which he started after he moved to Los Angeles in chase of his dreams. He is also an actor, rapper, writer, streamer and a humorous comedian. His first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show happened accidently.

In January 2003 when he attended a friend’s super bowl party, Andy recorded a video and posted on The video which was entitled The Super Bowl Is Gay went viral. It was by chance that a writer from Jimmy Kimmel Live show spotted it and invited him to the show. This was only going to be the beginning.


His rapping career began with YouTube where he posted his first song entitled The Andy Milonakis Rap. He was a member of the Three Loco rap group but on September 2016 he announced the group’s breakup. Some of Andy’s songs included Let Me twitter Dat, Red Lean Purple Lean, Tokyo Trap House, The Takeover and Birthday. He also appeared in songs like Money and Swag, Worst Day and Money On My Mind.

Some of the many films in which Andy starred include Waiting which was released in 2005, and Killer Pad, Major Movie Star, Extreme Movie all of which were released in 2008. Other movies which he starred included Still Waiting, The Newest Pledge and Dumbbells. He earns from all the films that add to his net worth.

Andy also owns a cooking show on a YouTube channel which is named MUNCHIES and is associated with VICE network. In 2016 Andy made an announcement about joining a podcast Keemstar and Anything4views. In 2017, according to Twitchmetrics report his streamline is growing the fastest in the IRL category of website Twitch.

In an interview in 2005, Andy Milonakis was recorded saying he used comedy as an escape to bullying. He regards humor as a great defense mechanism. In high school, Andy says if one is serious and fat looking, you are not among the popular ones. Andy suffers from growth hormone deficiency and as a result, he sounds like a young adolescent despite the fact that he is a grown up man.

Not much news is given out about Andy’s family background, childhood and education. Even his romantic life is a secret but he seems to have no time for romantic or married life now and has his whole focus in his career.

Net Worth of Andy Milonakis

As a multi-talented and versatile personality, Andy Milonakis is quite rich. He juggles with a lot of professions apart from his show The Andy Milonakis Show and his net worth is estimated at $2.4 million. Going by his rising popularity and thanks to his creative mind, in no time Andy’s net worth will increase. His hard work, focus, and dedication are to be counted in too.

Andy Milonakis is someone you can look up to with respect and admiration. Although he has physical challenges, he only overcame and utilised this shortcoming to his advantage. He measures 5 feet and 6 inches in height and has the voice of an adolescent. Andy earns his income from his movies, television shows and also from his singing and rapping.

He puts a challenge for not only those suffering from disabilities but also for normal people to go out of one’s comfort zone and chase one’s dreams. Success belongs to those who strive to overcome difficulties and not to those who moan and do nothing about the dark situation one is in.