Adam Savage Net Worth

Who is Adam Savage and what is his net worth 2018? If you are a science nerd or are just a fan of the Mythbusters show you must have surely heard of Adam Savage who was one of the Mythbusters on the show. Adam is multi talented as he is also an American digital effects producer, an actor, an educator, a fabricator and an industrial designer. Adam was the co-host of yet another show ‘Unchained Reaction’ which brought him great popularity both as an actor and an educator.

Adam’s work in the digital effects world can be seen in popular movies like Star Wars: Episode II and The Matrix Reloaded. These movies heavily depended on special effects and editing and Adam delivered the best which made him even more popular. Adam is also an atheist and a part of the scientific skepticism community. He lives in San Francisco currently along with his wife and two children.

Adam Savage Net Worth

Adam Whitney Savage was born in New York on July 15, 1967. Adam’s parents were both multi talented with his mother being a psychotherapist and his father being an animator painter and a filmmaker. Adam’s father Whitney Lee Savage is a popular painter and even has a permanent exhibit in the Avampato Discovery Museum. Adam was raised in Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County in New York and was the second youngest of six children.

However, only Savage’s younger sister Kate was from his parents’ marriage with the remaining four elder children being from their own separate marriages. Adam came from a family of high achievers with his grandfather Cushman Haagensen being a world famous surgeon who pioneered breast cancer surgery.

During his interesting childhood at Sleepy Hollow, Adam discovered a love for repairing cycles and has been taking apart and putting together cycles since then. He also discovered acting at a very young age and began acting when he was a kid. He had the opportunity to voice several roles owing to the fact that his father was an animator and a filmmaker.

Whitney Lee’s famous Sesame Street had a part voiced by his son Adam. When he was around 19 years old, Adam discovered another love which was special effects and editing as he wanted to something with his hands and not just express himself on screen and on stage. So when he got the chance to co-host Mythbusters it was the perfect opportunity for him as it combined roles of performance and special effects!

Over the years Adam, being multi talented just like his father did quite a lot of things from being an animator, graphic designer, gallery owner, toy designer, T.V. presenter and even a carpenter! His work as a model maker is well renowned as he has made models for several popular films including The Bicentennial Man, Space Cowboys and The Matrix Reloaded. Adam has also played minor roles in movies and popular T.V, shows like CSI. Savage also taught advanced model making at the department of industrial designing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Savage is probably best known for his open claim that he is a part of the sceptics community and he attends quite a lot of these conferences and is even invited to talk at many of these programs owing to his experiences in different fields. After 2008, Adam was invited regularly to talk at various conferences and gatherings because of his popularity as a multi talented person. He has been a regular presenter at the annual Maker Faire since 2008 and has covered various topics including extinction and even takes questions from the audience about his appearance on the Mythbusters show.

Adam’s greatest achievement and career till date has been his role on the Mythbusters show. Adam was overjoyed when he was asked to co host the show because it combined his lifetime passions of both acting and performing and special effects and model making. Adam’s current job is at where he works as an editor and a contributor. His latest tour was in 2017 when he went on the Brain Candy LIVE! Tour.

Adam Savage Net Worth

Adam Savage net worth is $10 million. One can attribute this high net worth to the fact that Adam is highly talented and has taken on more roles in the cinema industry than imaginable. Adam has received huge salaries for his model making which made several movies perfect to watch. Adam has also been on Mythbusters for a long time and seeing as how he is paid a lot of money for each episode; it explains how his net worth is so high. Starring in various small roles on TV and the big screen brought his net worth to $10 million.

Adam Savage is truly an inspiration to all those youngsters who are looking to make it big in the special effects and graphics industry. He has proved that if you work hard enough and play to your strengths you will not only be popular but will also accumulate a high net worth!