Yungen Net Worth 2018

Who is Yungen and what is his net worth 2018? Yungen’s real name is CJ Brooks and he is from South London. He was born on February 1, 1992. His nationality is British. He is a songwriter, English Rapper and Grime MC. The older boys in his area called hum ‘Yungen’ and the name stuck.


Before he became famous, he became popular through SB.TV freestyle, which was a warm-up session on youtube in 2011. He then later joined a group called Play Dirty. Yungen is said to be the up and coming talent and he has made a name for himself in the last few years. It is said that he is known for his metaphorical bars and powerful flow. He was nominated for MOBO award and the category was for Best Newcomer.

Yungen Net Worth

The New Era Project and Project Black & Red(Deluxe) were his releases and in 2014, it became one of the highest charting independent releases. He has collaborated and made music with British rapper Chipmunk. He originally started his career in 2012 because of the help from a hip hop duo called ‘Krept’ and ‘Konan’. Three of them created a single called as “Too young”. The single released was a track, which was on a mix tape “Young Kingz”.

Yungen, in 2012, joined Play Dirty which was after releasing many songs. It was said to be spearheaded by Thornton Heath duo Krept and Konan and Yungen was featured on a mixtape Young Kingz. The song “Ain’t On Nuttin”, featuring Sneakbo was released in late 2014 and it was heavily remixed by many musical artists like Stormzy, Snap Capone, Ghetts. Yungen has said to have a slot on GRM daily. “Money, Doe, Paper” is the single in which he said he tried to be fun and lyrical. He announced his first record deal with SONY RCA on twitter

Net Worth of Yungen

Yungen’s net worth is $750 thousand.

He is said to have had a feud with chip and it was a beef up on social media. He is said to have launched his own clothing line “Forever Yung” which is uber cool and meets the style and needs.

Yungen songs list.

1. Ain’t On Nuttin’
2. Ain’t On Nuttin’ (Remix part 2): This is said to be 2014’s, second of two all-star remixes. It has featured artists with tens of thousands of twitter followers.

3. Go Down South: This is one of the simple track about girls with its punchline packed track but it has double meanings throughout.

4. Behind Barz: This was released on January 8th, 2012, which is supposed to be a freestyle. This song is said to show past memories of Yungen with his best friend who is behind the bars in jail. He further tells about his mum who is addicted to smoking weed and his sister who left them alone. He says that he would do anything to free his mother and him from the hood. He ends the song by talking about the hood girls and that, he believes that he can win the way out of the hood by working hard.

5. Oopsy Daisy Riddim: This was a sort of reply to Chip’s diss track which was called”Michelle Riddem” and it was released 24 hours after Chip’s reply

6. Comfy: This song was made because of the feud between Yungen and Chip and the lines were indirectly aimed at him because of Chip’s comment on Yungen at the MOBO award nomination.

7. Take my number: He tries to prove through this that he is not a one-trick pony with the R&B track. This song was produced by both ADP and Angel himself. He has tried to take a different approach.

Thus, Yungen is said to be the promising newcomer who has baffled the audience with his rap and persona. There is a fresh look at his work and has been presenting new records which are on the top charts. Everyone claims that he is going to make more hits for the UK and also, for his fans. MOBO says that he can express different types of emotions through music.