Ville Valo Net Worth 2019

Who is Ville Valo and what is his net worth 2019? Ville Harmanni Valo was born to Kari and Anita Valo on 22 November 1976 in Helsinki, Finland. He is a singer, songwriter and musician and is most famous for his association with Finnish Rock Band ‘Him’ as the main songwriter and vocalist. Idealising Black Sabbath and Type O Negative, Valo started his career with playing bass and drums around Helsinki, representing many bands. ‘Him’ was created in 1991 and was later known as one of the most commercially successful Finnish bands of all time. Valo is also responsible for creating the symbol of the band, called ‘Heartagram’. He originally formed the band with bassist Mige and it was named ‘His Infernal Majesty’.

The band split-up in 1993 to come back together in 1995 with guitarist Linde Lindstorm and later joined by other artists. The band was now called ‘Him’ which released its debut album ‘Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666’ in 1997. With keyboardist Anto Melaniemi and drummer Juhana ‘Patka’ Rantala as other band members, ‘Him’ was joined by drummer Gas Lipstick and keyboardist Juska Samien in 2000 and released ‘Razorblade Romance’ which got to the number one spot in Finland, Austria and Germany.

Ville Valo Net Worth

The this album reached platinum sales, ‘Him’ went to release many other hit albums over the next few years including ‘Venus Doom’ in 2007 which topped the charts in Finland and Germany and placed the band at number 12 on the US charts. ‘Him’ went on to release many more successful albums and recently announced that the brand will break-up in 2017 after almost a year long tour.

Valo has collaborated with many different artists during his career and sang back-up vocals on various albums between 1997 and 2002. In 2004, Valo teamed up with Apocalyptica and Lauri Yionen for the song ‘Bittersweet. He performed at the Roadrunner United concert in December 2005 and in 2006 he was seen performing bass and back-up vocals on ‘Welcome to Carcass Country’ and also sang for the track ‘Byronic Man’.

2007 was a year of new discoveries for Valo as he performed a duet song titled ‘Summer Time’ with Polish actress and singer Natalia Avelon in the film ‘Eight Miles High’. He sang back-up vocals in ‘Angels Walk Among Us’ in 2010 and remixed a few tracks with his brother Jesse Valo for the ‘Him’ album ‘SWRMXS’. In 2014, Valo was seen in Lullacry’s ‘Whisper in the Chaos’ and later in the year he went solo as ‘Rambo Rimbaud’ at the Helidone festival. Valo featured in the song ‘Lucifer’ and was also seen on MGT’s 2016 cover of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ by ABBA.

In the same year, Valo released a cover of ‘Olet mun kaikuluotain’ by Freeman which was a Finnish version of ‘Annie’s Song’. This was his first solo single and eventually reached number 1 in Finland. He was also the back-up vocalist on ‘Met-amor-phosis’ and ‘Xmas Song’ in December 2016. ‘Olet mun Kailulutain’ was awarded the ‘Best Music Video’ at the Emma Awards in 2017. Valo also appeared in many films and TV series during his career and dubbed for ‘Moto Moto’ in the Finnish version of ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’.

Valo’s mother Anita Valo worked at a shoe shop and later worked for the city of Helsinki and his father Kari was a taxi driver. Kar Valo, later opened a sex shop where his son worked occasionally. In the 2000’s, Valo dated Finnish model and TV host Joana Nygren. He also dated Parisian Sandra Mittica for almost 3 years before breaking up in 2015. There were reports of his relationship with Finnish model Christel Karhu in 2016. Valo has also had many problems during his life because of his habit of alcohol and substance abuse. Valo is also a Tattoo lover and has many on his own body. He is also a vegetarian.

Education: Valo attended comprehensive school in Olunkyla where he developed his interest in music as an eight year old and started playing bass. He joined his first band called B.L.O.O.D while he was in school and also met his ‘Him’ band-mates Micco Mige and Linde Lindstrom. Valo dropped out of high school to focus on his music career.

Net Worth of Ville Valo

Valo’s estimated net-worth is at $2.4 million. Valo has been known as one of the top vocalists of all time and has also won the “Golden God Award” by Metal Hammer magazine in 2004. This along with his great selling albums and popularity are responsible for his wealth. Valo bought a beautifully designed 19th century tower house in Munkkiniemi in 2006. He put the house on sale in late 2015 for reasons known only to him. Valo is fascinated by the darker side which is also pretty evident in the look and feel of all his possessions.

Apart from all the controversies Valo has been a part of, he will be very happy with what he has achieved. His efforts have also landed him the 80th spot among the Top 100 Metal vocalists of all time by ‘Hit Parader’. The 40 year old artist has also gone through alcohol rehabilitation to get more control on his life and will be looking for various other avenues as an artist.