Tye Tribbett Net Worth 2019

Who is Tye Tribbett and what is his net worth 2019? The American singer, Tye Tribbett is known as a gospel musician, keyboardist, choir director, song writer. He is best known as the founder of Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominated group ‘Tye Tribbett & G.A.’ (Greater Anointing). His 2013 album ‘Greater Than’ earned him two Grammy Awards. He has worked and toured with some of music industry’s biggest stars, which include Will Smith, Don Henley, Usher, Sting and Justin Timberlake. Since the start of his professional musical career in 2004, Tye has released five albums. He released his most recent album in 2016 which was titled ‘The Bloody Win’.

He brings a Christian essence in his music that brings serenity to the soul. Being a Christian and gospel singer, he is popular amongst all age groups, however because of the same reason; the youth is not too much into his music.

Tye Tribbett Net Worth

Early Life

Tyrone Tribbett was born in 1976 on 26th January to his minister mother, Neicy Tribbett and father Tye Tribbett II, who was a pastor. The gospel singer has two siblings, one brother Thaddaeus Tribbett and a sister named DeMaris Tribbett. His sister DeMaris has also been a part of his group ‘Greater Anointing’.

He was brought up in religious, Christian environment, where his family being part of the religious authority, was active members of church and participated in all norms and rituals. He was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey named Camden.

He has a wife named Shante Tribbett. Shante was also a member of his group Greater Anointing, which led to the pair’s romance during practices. The couple has two daughters together.

Education: He completed his schooling and higher education from New Jersey itself. He has been interested in music ever since he was a kid. Being raised in a religious environment, he was a regular in church who loved to perform with the choir.


Tyrone has been musically active since 1990, from his school days, where he performed and participated in theater and musicals. He came into limelight by touring with Faith Hill during the early 2000, which gained him attention and love from new fans.

He made his first studio album in 2004 which was titled ‘Life’. Later he released five more albums which include ‘Victory Live’ in 2006, ‘Stand Out’ in 2008, ‘Fresh’ in 2010, ‘Greater Than’ in 2013, and ‘The Bloody Win’ in 2013.

Net Worth of Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett is a New Jersey based gospel singer who has been working professionally in the music industry since 2004. The two time Grammy Award winner is a critical and commercial hit, who has moved billions of people with his music. The multi talented musician is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. He is also known to make an annual income worth $588,25 through his performances, tours and other gospel works. He also makes around $130 thousand through his endorsements deals. He surely knows the monetary worth of his precious talent. He has made over $1 million alone from his album sales.

Tye’s relationship with his wife, Shante strained when rumours about the singer choosing to follow the path to infidelity, by igniting a romance with one of his choir singers, started doing the rounds. The news made headlines, giving proofs, and underlined valid points for Shante. Latter Shante took revenge from her husband by cheating on him with another man. This sent Tye into a spiralling sense of depression and remorse.

In 2011, It seemed like the couple might end their relationship of more than 13 years, but they recovered and chose to stay together and work on their issues. The decision was a wise choice as they are happily living together with their two daughters.

He also started his solo career, apart from his choir group following these events.

The singer has a great ear for melodies and knows the art of paying with the words, his work is a masterpiece in itself. In a world, where people are just looking for commercial success and tend to write and sing songs about drugs, girls and relationships, Tye brings meaning and soul with his music to the world. He has a religious essence in his music which is serenely beautiful.