Travis Clark Net Worth 2019

Who is Travis Clark and what is his net worth 2019? Travis Clark is the singer and the songwriter in We the Kings band. He and his childhood friends, Hunter Thomsen, Drew Thomsen and Danny Duncan found the band in 2005 when they were in high school. At the start the band name was Broken Image, but then they changed it to We the Kings and they are still using that name now.

Early Life

Travis Clark was born on April 24, 1985, in Bradenton, Florida. He went to Martha B.King Middle School in his hometown. Clark still lives in his hometown now and there’s no information tells that he ever moved to another town or state, however his Twitter account shows that he has two locations, Florida and Los Angeles. There’s no information on his parents. Information says that he has 1 sister that is older than him and 1 younger brother “Taylor Clark”.

Travis Clark Net Worth

Early Life

Travis Clark married Jenny Robinson Clark on December 30, 2014, in Orlando, Florida. Travis asked Jenny to marry him after only 8 months of their first meeting. His wife Jenny is an actress, she is known for her work on Iron Man 2, Burlesque and Final Stop.

They welcomed their only daughter on December 15, 2015, her name is Kinsley Clark. Travis used to say that he’s not going to be the parent that posts videos and pictures for his daughter all over social media, but now he’s doing it, he’s really happy with his family.

Travis Clark founded We the Kings band in 2005. We the Kings is an American rock band, the band name was Broken Image. First the members of the band were four, Travis, the bassist Drew Thomsen and his brother, the guitarist, Hunter Thomsen and the band’s drummer, Danny Duncan.

In 2005, in the summer, Broken Image went on its first tour with another band called Don’t Die Cindy. Then they got themselves a manager, his name is Bret Disend. Their second tour was in the fall of 2005, it was their second tour as members but actually their first as We the Kings.

We the Kings List of Albums

• We the Kings (11 Tracks), (2007).
• Smile Kid (11 Tracks), (2009).
• Sunshine State of Mind (11 Tracks), (2011).
• Somewhere Somehow (13 Tracks), (2013).
• Stripped (10 Tracks), (2014).
• Strange Love (12 Tracks), (2015).
• So Far (16 Tracks), (2016).

Net Worth of Travis Clark

Travis Clark is the lead singer and writer for the band he founded, We the Kings. She has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Travis Clark is the singer, writer and the founder of We the Kings band. He is now a 32 years old happy father, living and loving his family and having no problems at his home. Travis is having a lot of success along with his band, We the Kings.