Traci Braxton Net Worth 2019

Who is Traci Braxton and what is her net worth 2019? Traci Braxton is a singer and radio personality. She is an American national. She is well known for working with her older sister Toni Braxton; Toni is a famous singer and songwriter. Traci appeared on a reality TV show ‘Braxton Family Values’ with her sisters. She has a successful radio show on BLIS.F.M. radio. It is known as ‘The Traci Braxton Show’. She released her solo album in 2014.

Early Life

Traci Renee Braxton better known as Tracy Braxton was born on 2 April 1971, in Severn, Maryland. She was born to parents Michael Conrad Braxton and Evelyn Jackson. Her mother was Opera Singer. She has five siblings, a brother named Michael, Jr. and four sisters named Tamar, Trina, Towanda, and Toni. She spent her childhood in a very strict religious environment. Her maternal grandfather and mother were both pastors. Her first singing experience was in a church choir. Traci’s education history is unknown.

Traci Braxton Net Worth

Traci Braxton is currently married to Kevin Surratt. The couple has a son named ‘Kevin Surrat Jr.’. They have been married for a long time now and are in a healthy relationship. They faced marital issues like any couple would do, but they sought to counsel for the matter and worked it out for good.


Traci Braxton signed her first deal along with her sisters in 1989. They signed the record deal with ‘Arista Records’. Their first group single ‘Good Life’ was released in 1990. It did not get that much attention, which cost them the deal with Arista Records. A year later, Toni Braxton left the group and went to work for ‘LaFace Records’. After Toni’s departure, the group was a hot mess. Traci and her sisters worked as backup singers to Toni for a while.

Traci left the group in 1995 because of her pregnancy and was away from the scene for a long time. She became active again in 2011 when she joined her sisters on a reality TV show ‘Braxton Family Values’. She released her debut solo album in 2014; it was a hit. The name of the album was ‘Crash & Burn’. Tracy and her four sisters including Toni released group’s first Christmas album in 2015. The name of the album is ‘Braxton Family Christmas’. She also has her own radio show ‘The Traci Braxton Show’.

Net Worth of Traci Braxton

Traci Braxton has worked in the music industry for a long period now. She has released group albums with her sisters and a solo album as well. She has not earned as well as her sisters because of her dramatic exit from the group in 1995. Still, she has made a good fortune from her singing career. Traci Braxton has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Traci Braxton has had a good career in singing. At one time, she performed as a backup singer on her sister’s first U.S. tour. She started her solo career pretty late but it was a success after all.