Tony Hadley Net Worth

Who is Tony Hadley? What is net worth of Tony Hadley? Anthony Patrick “Tony” Hadley is an English pop singer-songwriter, occasional stage actor as well as a radio presenter. There may be much confusion regarding the singer’s biography, education, his deals or his latest updates. You can get information about this for Tony Hadley from following sections:

Tony Hadley was born on 2 June 1960 as the eldest child of three children in the Hampstead area of London. Hadley has a sister named Lee and one brother named Steve. His father, named Patrick Hadley served as an electrical engineer for the Daily Mail, while his mother named Josephine served for the health authority.

Tony Hadley Net Worth 2017-2018

Hadley is basically recognized as an English pop singer-songwriter who also works as stage actor and radio presenter. Initially, Hadley rose to fame in era of 1980s in form of the lead singer of the new wave band entitled Spandau Ballet. Hadley is also familiar for his suave image, and also for his influential blue-eyed soul voice. This has actually been defined by AllMusic as a “dramatic warble” and Hadley has even been categorized as a “top crooner” by the BBC.

Spandau Ballet was made in year 1976 as The Cut, along with Steve Norman, Gary Kemp, John Keeble, Michael Ellison and Tony Hadley. In this all the other mates were students at the grammar school in which Hadley studied. Being a member of Spandau Ballet, Tony Hadley went on to relish global success in era of 1980s, containing hits namely “True”, “Gold” as well as “Through the Barricades”.

In year 1999, Hadley, along with band members namely Steve Norman and John Keeble, failed in their effort to indict Gary Kemp, who is the band’s major songwriter, for a part of his sovereigns.

Tony Hadley was even featured a cameo appearance in the music video. This music video-“Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” attained instant commercial success.

Education: Tony Hadley appeared in Dame Alice Owen’s Grammar School in England, where along with him many present days band mates also studied.

Tony Hadley Net Worth

Tony Hadley has his net-worth figure to be around $11.5 million in year 2017. Till date, Tony Hadley grossed most of his reputation because of his career as a singer as well as a song writer, and also for his career growth in music. This has even served as one of the leading sources of Hadley’s salary and net-worth. Hadley’s salary is expected to be best-in-class compared to other singers of his time. Apart from his career in music, Tony Hadley grosses his net-worth by being a stage actor as well as a radio show host.

Tony Hadley Assets

Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley now resides in a luxurious house in the Cotswolds with his wife named Alison, and their daughter named Zara. Hadley owns a beautiful Jaguar among many of his car collections. When he was once inquired, Hadley stated that he drive an attractive Jaguar but have never been into flashy cars such as Lamborghini or Ferrari. Hadley also added that he never wanted a boat or any such luxuries; however he likes to purchase villas abroad.

Tony Hadley Business Model

After Spandau Ballet scattered, Hadley started to follow a solo career, in which he signed to EMI as well as for recording his first album entitled The State of Play in year 1992. After Hadley left EMI, he made his own record company named Slip Stream Records, making him a business model. In this, his first release was the single entitled “Build Me Up”, from the film -When Saturday Comes. In short span after this, in year 1996, Hadley boarded on an orchestral tour of Europe, with Paul Michiels, Joe Cocker, Dani Klein and Guo Yue, performing to 500,000 concertgoers in period of six weeks.

Apart from his singing deals, Hadley served as a radio presenter with Virgin Radio, ruling over the show named Friday Night Virgin Party Classics from Suggs (of the band named Madness) in year 2007. In year 2015 Hadley is listed as a presenter for Absolute Radio, which was a part of his work as a radio presenter.

Lately, Hadley was registered as a presenter for Absolute Radio after that there are less activities registered for Hadley. Hadley will be featured in upcoming concerts at Blackburn King Georges Hall on 29 September 2017.

Tony Hadley is an English singer who received fame due to his consistent performance and music talents. Hadley actively cooperates as a radio presenter apart from contributing in singing.