Tom Jones Net Worth 2018

Who is Tom Jones and what is his net worth 2018? You may be wondering that who is one of the leading Welsh singers and it is none other than Tom Jones. As this celebrity is old, his career has traversed six decades. In his career, he appeared from his rise as a vocalist in the era of 1960s through a series of famous hits, touring, appearances in Las Vegas, and career retaliations -to coaching on The Voice UK from year 2012 as well. Net worth of Tom Jones is amassed due to his perseverance since decades, get more details below:

Early Life

Tom Jones was born in Glamorgan, South Wales. Both of his parents are now dead and it is known that three of his grandparents belonged to English origin. His paternal grandfather was an ironmonger’s carrier, while his paternal grandmother was from Wiltshire.

Tom Jones Net Worth

Though, he is presently turned old, this celeb started singing at very early age. Earlier in his life, he would sing regularly at weddings, family gatherings, as well as in his school choir. It is known that Jones did not prefer sports or school, but attained confidence by his singing skill.


In the field of music, voice of Jones’ has been stated as a full-throated, strong baritone. He transformed as the frontman in year 1963 for Senators and Tommy Scott. Both of these instantly attained a local following as well as reputation all over South Wales. Later in year 1967, Jones did performance in Las Vegas for the initial time at show arranged in the Flamingo. Jones’ style of dress and performances turned out as part of his stage act, as well as presented his open, half-unbuttoned kind of shirts as well as tight trousers.

Apart from singing, Jones possessed a globally successful television based variety show entitled This Is Tom Jones, from 1969 till 1971. From period 1980 to 1981, this singer had a second television show, run by his name, Tom Jones, produced in Canada, continued for 24 episodes. Moreover, Jones also made appearance on the review of BBC of music scene of 1960s, entitled Pop Go The Sixties, featuring as “Delilah”.

During 1970s, Jones travelled with the singing groups consisting of females, group names are Quiet Elegance and the Blossoms as his support groups. Furthermore, he had many hit singles, comprising “Till”, “She’s a Lady”, and “The Young New Mexican Puppeteer”, however during the mid-1970s his admiration declined.

President of US, named Bill Clinton invited this singer to give performance on New Year’s Eve during the 2000 millennium festivities, arranged in Washington, D.C. In the same year, Jones also gathered many honours for his contribution comprising a BRIT Award for Best British Male, adding to his fame. Moreover, he was too employed as the latest voice of National Rugby League of Australia, delivering song in one advertisement to promote the 2000 season.

Jones got married to Linda year 1957 till her death, last year, notwithstanding his various well-publicised cheatings. Jones had one son with Linda. After the election of the Labour Party named Harold Wilson for position of Prime Minister in year 1974, Jones turned out to be a tax exile. Moreover, in year 1976 he acquired the mansion in Los Angeles for $500,000 from Dean Martin. This singer retailed it to Nicolas Cage in year 1998 for a stated worth of $6.469 million. The publication of Jones’ autobiography – Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography was done by Michael Joseph.

Net Worth of Tom Jones

Tom Jones is essentially a Welsh singer, working since last many decades; hence his net worth is $280 million. Throughout his career, Jones sold more than 100 million records, so they also add up to his wealth. Moreover, as Jones had 36 Top 40 hits in the entire UK as well as top 19 hits in the entire US, acknowledging him globally.

Tom Jones is among very few celebs, which attained success in his career spanning six decades.