TJ Jackson Net Worth 2019

Who is TJ Jackson and what is his net worth 2019? When you talk of American music, the name of the Jacksons should find a mention. Their contribution to American music, in particular, has been tremendous. You can list out an array of stars from this musical family. The most famous of the Jacksons is obvious the greatest of ‘em all, Michael Jackson. Every member of his family is carrying the legacy of the greatest star of the century. TJ Jackson is one among the many Jacksons.

Early Life

Born on 16 July 1978 in Los Angeles, CA to Tito Johnson, the former guitarist belonging to the group Jackson 5, TJ Jackson is a famous American singer in his own right. He is a prominent member of 3T, a group comprising of brothers, TJ, Taj, and Taryll. His original name is Tito Joe “TJ” Jackson. In spite of belonging to the first family of music in the US, his mother ensured that TJ had a real childhood experience just as any normal child has. This includes the odd baseball game or party.

TJ Jackson Net Worth


Music was in his blood. It is too obvious. The brothers formed their own group 3T when TJ was just in his teens. The first album, ‘Brotherhood’ was an entirely family affair. The great Michael Jackson produced some songs whereas Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine performed some numbers as well. This album was an international hit with sales of over 3 million copies. Their debut singles, ‘Anything’ was a hit as well. Michael Jackson has performed with TJ in one of their singles, ‘Why’. This group became famous and attained the position of being the second biggest-selling group in Europe after the Spice Girls.

In addition to singing, TJ Jackson has produced songs for stars such as Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, etc. The 3T is a successful group having toured all over Europe with their famous album, ‘Brotherhood’.

The family had their share of inheritance problems because of the sudden demise of their star uncle, Michael Jackson. TJ Jackson was the caretaker guardian of Michael’s children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket for a brief while.

TJ had a colorful personal life as well. He has dated the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. TJ entered into wedlock with his long-time friend, Frances. Today, he lives in his grandmother’s house with his four children. He is also the guardian of two stepchildren with Frances. In addition, he holds the guardianship of Michael’s children.

Education: TJ Jackson had a normal childhood. His mother, Dolores never allowed the name and fame of the Jackson family get to the head of her three sons. She ensures that TJ went to a normal school, Buckley School and do everything that normal children do. TJ was a good baseball player and represented his school in many tournaments. He juggled his academics, baseball, and music in a beautiful manner.

Net Worth of TJ Jackson

The entire net worth of the Jackson family could run into thousands of millions. However, TJ has an individual net worth of $2.5 million. We are not including the share he gets from the Michael Jackson fund for taking care of Michael’s children. On their own, the group 3T is famous all around the world. They have a steady income from the musical shows. In addition, he also produces songs for other singers. Hence, we can take this figure of $ 1.5 million as correct.

TJ did not have to struggle much to establish his band. His two brothers, Taj and Taryll joined hands with him to form the band 3T. They had a decent run of success with the band. At one point, their album, ‘Brotherhood’ was the second biggest grosser after the Spice Girls.

This group has sung many of the Jackson family’s songs at various concerts all over the world.

This band is still in existence with performances all over the country. In addition to the normal musical shows, the band does a lot of charity work as well.

Being born in a famous family has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you need not struggle. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult to emerge from the shadows of the more illustrious members of the family. In TJ’s case, the shadow is a tremendously huge one of the greatest pop star of all time, Michael Jackson.