Tiwa Savage Net Worth 2019

Who is Tiwa Savage and what is her net worth 2019? Singing and dancing comes naturally to the African people. Their height and build makes them look graceful on stage. Hence, it is not a surprise that many Africans have made their mark in the music industry. Tiwa Savage is one such Nigerian singer. In addition to singing, she can act, perform, and write songs as well.

Early Life

Born on 05 February 1980 at Ikeja in Lagos State, Nigeria, her original name is Tiwatope Savage. Relocating to London when she was just about 11 years old, she had a very good upbringing. She used to live in a multicultural setting because of her migration from Nigeria to the UK and subsequently to the US.

Tiwa Savage Net Worth

She had an eye and ear for music right since the time she was in school. She has worked with music groups at the back-stage levels and hence understands the problems musicians face in their transition from the back stage to the forefront.


Her initiation to the music industry began when she participated in The X Factor (UK edition) in 2006. She advanced to the Final 24. She did not manage to move any further. However, in 2009, she signed her first deal in the music industry with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. This deal was for writing songs for other singers such as Kat Deluna, Babyface, Akon, etc. The end of the year 2011 saw her co-hosting the Nigerian Idol (II Season). She has the credit of being the first African artist to associate with Pepsi.

She started working with Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun in around 2010. She recorded her debut album in the same year. She went on to establish her own label imprint, “323 Entertainment” with Tunji Balogun. She started working with different artists and hence put her debut album on hold. Finally, she released the album, “Once Upon a Time” in 2013. She fulfilled her dream of releasing the album in her native language.

In addition to her work in the music industry, she participated in several social programs such as creating breast cancer awareness, etc.

On the personal front, she married her manager, Tunji Balogun in 2013 and gave birth to her first son in 2015. Subsequently, the marriage broke down because of Tunji’s financial irregularities. She sacked him from his job and her life as well.

Education: Tiwa had her initial schooling in Ikeja before migrating to the UK in 1991. She completed her school education in London before graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in Business Administration. This degree enabled her to land a job at The Royal Bank of Scotland. However, she was a musician by heart and soul. She enrolled at the Berklee College of Music to earn a professional degree in music. You can thus call her a fully qualified musician in every sense of the word.

Net Worth of Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage has the credit of being the highest paid African music star during her peak. She has a net worth of around $5.5 million. Most of her earnings are from the sale of her music albums and the commercial contracts with corporate giants such as Pepsi, Nestle, Forte Oil, and Kongo. She has been in the news recently because of her multi-million dollar deal with Jay-Z making her the richest Nigerian music artist until date. She is also one of the prominent Nigerian artists to perform in international shows all around the world.

Right since childhood, she has never seen poverty at its worst. She has had a healthy upbringing because of her migration status from Africa to the UK. As far as assets are concerned, she has everything one should expect a person of her net worth to have. You can imagine her assets when we state that she is the richest Nigerian female singer in the world as of now.

Her initial forays into the music industry were through writing songs for other musicians. Therefore, she has the experience of working behind the scenes as well. This made her understand the problems they face.

She graduated to becoming a full-time singer somewhere in 2010 when she started work on her debut album. In the meanwhile, she continued writing songs for other musicians. She had a great career as a performer and presenter of important events. Her charming personality enabled her to shine in these fields as well.

She was among the first African artists to bag a role in the Pepsi commercial. She has worked in more commercials such as Nestle, Konga, etc.

Tiwa Savage is busy with her musical and songwriting assignments. She is also busy bringing up her son. In between, she finds time for her commercials. The best part of her career is that she manages to squeeze enough time for participating in social causes.

Tiwa Savage is the perfect proof that African singers can hold their place in the music industry. The array of awards won by her is ample testimony to the fact that you need not have to be an American to shine in the music industry in Hollywood. Her stint at the Royal Bank of Scotland has given her the necessary business acumen to make the most of her income.