Tito El Bambino Net Worth 2019

Who is Tito El Bambino and what is his net worth 2019? The Southern American continent is famous for football, drugs, and music. You can see some of the best football teams from this area. This explains why these people have naturally great dancing feet. That makes them perfect to shine in the world of entertainment as well. Hence, you can find many famous South American artists shining in Hollywood.

The Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Efrain David Fines Nevares is one such colorful personality. Trust these South American people to have some of the longest names in the world. Practically, every South American has a nickname as well. This musician is more famous by the name, ‘Tito El Bambino’.

Tito El Bambino Net Worth

Early Life

Born on 05 October 1981, Tito El Bambino is a songwriter and singer. He formed an excellent partnership with Hector El Father, a fellow Puerto Rican singer. Starting their joint music career in 1998, this pair, Hector and Tito churned out many famous albums. Some of their more famous songs are “Ay Amor,” “Gata Salvaje,” and “Amor de Colegio.”

By the year 2004, the pair split because of loyalty issues on the part of his partner, Hector. Such problems are very common in every industry. However, they had a great time when they were together.


Though Tito was in the music industry since 1995, he released his first solo music album in 2004. Te album, ‘Top of the line’ broke numerous records and ranked #1 on the Puerto Rican charts. This album features some other artists as well such as Daddy, Don Omar, and others.

This album reigned for a long time. It took a further three years for Tito to release his second album, ‘It’s my Time’. This was also a collaborator effort along with many other music stars. His third album, ‘El Patron’ had his first solo hit CD.

On the personal front, Tito had his fair share of relationships. He has a daughter as well from one of his liaisons. He married his long-time girlfriend Jessica Santiago in 2005. They divorced in 2009. He has a son from a relationship with his partner, Priscilla Hernandez.

Tito has his involvement in controversies too. He has been an ardent supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act. He has received criticisms from various social media networks over his support to this Act.

Net Worth of Tito El Bambino

Tito has a net worth of $7 million. He is in the field since 1995. More famous as a duo, Hector and Tito, the earnings from this collaboration add up to the tally. However, the duo has broken in 2004 and Tito has been performing solo since then. In his journey of 22 years, it is not difficult for a successful musician to amass $7 million.

Tito is famous for the song, ‘Al Amor’ composed in collaboration with Hector. This duo, Hector and Tito had been a successful pair for more than six years. They had churned out various hits together before splitting in 2004 because of financial arguments.

Subsequently, Tito moved out of the partnership. He started performing solo albums. He is still active on the music scene as on date.

After splitting with his partner, Hector, Tito started churning out solo albums. He is still active on the music scene.

The Puerto Rican singers have a unique style of singing. They have a strange accent that makes up for pleasant listening. Many Puerto Rican singers have made it big in Hollywood. Tito is also one among them. With a worth of $7 million, Tito can count himself among the successful South American singers.