Tina Turner Net Worth 2018

Who is Tina Turner and what is her net worth 2018? Born as a gifted but very shy singer, Tina Turner. She has been inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame for her outstanding musical contributions. Her debut single “A Fool in Love” became a sensation in the R&B and pop music charts. Tina Turner continued her success with massive hit singles that have topped the Billboard charts for several weeks. Apart from her musical talent Tina Turner is lauded for her acting chops.

So, what is the secret of the wealth that she has amassed over the years. Are you curious to know? Here is a complete revelation of the income and net worth Tina Turner.

Tina Turner Net Worth

Early Life

Tina Turner, known popularly by her stage name Anne Mae Bullock was born to Floyd and Zelma Bullock on November 26, 1939. Because of the abusive relationship between her parents Anne Mae and her older sibling Ruby Aillene lived with their grandmother. Due to extreme poverty Anne Mae worked as a domestic worker for the Henderson family. After graduating from high school Anne Mae worked as a nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and dreamt of becoming a nurse in the future.

In her early teens Anne Mae immersed herself in the music scene of St. Louis, where she first encountered and loved the band Kings of Rhythm and later went on to marry the band lead vocalist Ike Turner in 1962 in Tijuana, Mexico. Tina Turner has four sons from the marriage, which she ended in 1978 after suffering many years of abusive relationship.


Tina Turner’s musical career began with Kings of Rhythm as a guest singer in 1960. In 1971, the duo of Tina and Ike Turner soared to new heights of fame and success with the release of “Proud Mary”, which eventually won the two their first Grammy. In 1984, Tina Turner ventured into her solo musical career, with the release of the much awaited album Private Dancer, that sold 20 million copies worldwide and went on to win her four Grammy Awards.

Tina Turner starred in Mel Gibson’s film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. Tina Turner’s autobiography, I, Tina, would be adapted for the film “What’s Love Got to Do with It” I n 1993. In 2008 and 2009, she embarked on her final tour “Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour” and retired from the music industry. Her last tour had the highest ticket sales for a concert in 2008 and 2009.

Tina turner has three American Music Awards (1985 & 1986), three MTV Music Awards (1985 & 1986), seven Billboard Music Awards (1985 & 1986), three MTV Video Music Awards (1985 & 1986), and two World Music Awards (1991 & 1993). She was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.

Tina turner has won numerous other awards such as the Légion d’honneur or Chevalier of Arts and Letters Award (1996), St. Louis Walk of Fame Inductee (1991), Woman of the Year (2005), Oprah Winfrey’s 25 Legendary Black Women (2005), and more.

Net Worth of Tina Turner

Tina Turner being the living legend that she is in the field of music: her success, fame and income continues to soar. Tina Turner’s earning in 2015 and 2016 was $39 million and $58 million respectively. Her net worth is $230 million. Tina Turner’s combined earning comes from live performances and music records. For a musical career spanning 50 years Tina Turner holds the Guinness Book of World Records for an artist who sold the maximum concert tickets ever.

Tina Turner had a wonderful life, that is to say the least. She has survived abuse as a child and in her marriage, yet she found solace in music. Her talent and creativity in the field of music and the performing arts has propelled her into an unprecedented stardom, which few can only dream of.