Thalia Net Worth 2019

Who is Thalia and what is her net worth 2019? The “Queen of Latin Pop”- Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda aka Thalia is a renowned Mexican singer and songwriter worldwide. For the last three decades she is upholding her crown by her legacy. She is famous for her acting skill too. This singer is so influential among the people of all age.

Though she is from Latin America, she is fluent in many of the other languages like English, French, Portuguese and Tagalog including her native tongue Spanish. This huge range of languages led her to sing and write songs for those and fixed her position in the world of performing arts.

Thalia Net Worth 2018-2019

Early Life

Thalia was born in Mexico City on 26th August, 1971. She is the youngest of the five siblings. From her childhood she was fond of music and public performances. At the age of one, she appeared in her first TV commercial. When she turned four, she started learning ballet and piano at the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico. The sudden death of her father on 1977 left her traumatised drastically.

He has suffered from CDH – one type of autism syndrome. She was a sufferer of bullying in her school for not being with her father. But in this school, Liceo Franco Mexicano, she also learned fluent French at a very young age.


She has started her career with TV commercials as a child artist. In 1976, Thalia has also been appeared as a guest in a Mexican film “La Guerra de los pastels (“War of Cakes”), but her name was not seen in the title card. At the age of nine, she became a member of the children’s band named “pac man” which later on changed to “Din-Din”.

This band made her famous inside Mexico. After that, she started performed as a solo artist sometimes as a band member for different bands. In this time she started releasing her studio albums. In 1992 she launched her third album. This album earned the 15th place on “Billboard’s Latin Pop Album” in the next year. After selling 200,000 copies in Mexico, it became a smashing hit throughout the Latin America.

She performs mainly Latin pop but we can find her in the genres of pop roc, dance, EMI Latin etc. During her fourth studio album, her song “Piel Morena” became a massive international hit.

In 1997, she was featured in an English movie named “Mambo Café”. After two years she started acting in television with “telenova Rosallinda”.

Net Worth of Thalia

Thalia has an estimated net worth of $65 million. It is said that Thalia is being considered as one of the richest Mexican Business persons. She has sold more than 25 million records throughout the world and that too as a solo musician. Her television series was considered to be the most expensive tele production till now which was sold in more than 180 countries worldwide.

This versatile personality has won many hearts by her talent and skillful performances. During her liver concerts worldwide, her huge fan following assures us the popularity. She has endorsed various humanity campaigns and became the official celebrity ambassador of “March of Dimes”.