Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2019

Who is Smokey Robinson and what is his net worth 2019? William Smokey Robinson Jr. was the founder of the local Motown group, The Miracles. This group gave many hits and was felicitated for many of their amazing performances. The hits with the Miracles and the solo hits add up to the net worth of Smokey Robinson.

Early Life

William Smokey Robinson Jr. was born on 19 February, 1940 in Michigan, USA. Smokey is a marvellous singer, actor, songwriter and a record producer from America. Smokey founded a local group, The Miracles. Smokey was the lead songwriter of the group from 1955 to 1972. Smokey started his role as the vice President of the Motown group in the year 1972.

Smokey Robinson Net Worth

Smokey was born to an African- American father and an African-American mother with the ancestors in France. Smokey was given a nickname Smokey Joe by his uncle. Smokey went to Northern High School. Smokey along with his friends formed a music band, Five Chimes in the year 1955 with Ronald White and Pete Moore. The group changed their name to Matadors after Bobby Rogers joined them in 1957 and then to Miracles after Marv Tarplin joined the group.

Smokey got married to a member of his band in the year Claudette Rogers in the year 1959. They are the proud parents of two children; Berry and Tamla Robinson. Smokey has one more son with someone else while he was still married to Claudette. The couple got divorced in the year 1986. Smokey then got married to Frances Robinson. They got married on May in the year 2002.


Smokey made it to the big screen when he and the band members met a song writer Berry Gordy. The team had been rejected after giving the audition. The song writer was so impressed with the marvellous and amazing writing abilities of Smokey, that he helped them release their first single-Got a Job. The song received appreciation from many people. Smokey dropped out of his college after the success of this record.

Gordy founded the Tamla records that later came to be known as the Motown. The Miracles was the first band that was signed by this label. They released their first single, Shop Around and the record made it to the top of many lists. This marvellous star retired and then made a comeback with his album, Smokey in 1973. Smokey gave many hits and many mind-blowing songs to the music industry.

Smokey gained worldwide appreciation for his extraordinary songs. He received many nominations for his work. Smokey has been felicitated with a Grammy award, the Doctor of music from the Harvard University, Soul train music award, honorary doctorate degree and his work was acknowledged by including him to the Rock and Roll hall of fame and the Hollywood Walk of fame.

Net Worth of Smokey Robinson

Smokey is an R&B singer and a song writer. Smokey has been in this career for more than 50 years now. Smokey has proved to his fans that he is versatile in his career. He has given the music industry different roles like; record producer, songwriter and a marvellous singer that added up to his assets. The estimated net worth of Smokey Robinson is around $110 million.

Smokey is a name that is familiar to almost everyone. The amazing and astonishing singer and songwriter made his place across the globe. People love and respect him for what he does. Smokey has given a lot to his band the Miracles.