Sisqo Net Worth

Who is Sisqo and what is his net worth 2018? Sisqo is a songwriter, singer, actor, dancer and record producer. His birth name is Mark Althavean Andrews. He fluently plays piano, guitar and has a great voice. He composes, writes, gives music and sometimes produces his songs thus he is a complete music industry in a nutshell. All other details like his biography, personal life, career and net worth about Sisqo are mentioned below in this article.

Mark Althavean Andrews commonly known as Sisqo (his stage name) is very talented artist. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland in year 1978. In year 1995, he gave his debut in the music industry but the debut was unsuccessful, very few people knew about him. He kept struggling for the coming four years to impose himself as a rising star in his first successful solo album in year 1999, Unleash the Dragon.

Sisqo Net Worth

Then he never looked back he worked with many successful rock and hip hop bands also he released solo, duo and group albums. He also got chances to appear on television screens because of his popularity. He has also been in some movies like Get Over it, Surf School and others. Over all he is a young and successful artist.

His personal life before his active career in entertainment sector is not so publicly known. The few things known include that he was born in Baltimore, Maryland to a middle class family. He pursued graduation from Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, in year 1994. He produced his first solo album in year 1999 and started his journey towards the glory of being favourite artist.

He was in a relationship with a girl during the starting of his career. They had a girl child and then they separated. He then got into relationship with Micah Natalia Pierce and married her. They live in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Minneapolis, with their two children a six years old boy and a four years old girl. They pose a happy family.

Sisqo’s career started in year 1999, with his solo album. He then in the same year formed the first female American R&B group named LovHer quartet. Sisqo became a celebrity icon till the end of 2001, he was in all the major hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He was mostly noticed for his over fancy stage clothings and weirdest hairstyles.

He was loved for his appearance on the stages. He looked different from the other members of his stage shows. He was an appreciated stage dancer since public liked him he was offered to judge a dance show in MTV named Sisqo’s shakedown. Soon he got offers from films for playing side roles.

Till the end of 2002, Sisqo was known widely for his multiple talents. Sisqo appeared in many celebrity reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother, gone Country, wife swap, etc. Meanwhile he also remained involved in music with Dru Hill with their third album. He has received four Grammy awards and five awards from MTV video music.

Sisqo is a great drama on screens and on stages but in real life he is calm and composed. He didn’t get into controversies during his career. He has made K-Ci Hailey, a Dru Hill R&B singer Godfather to his children.

Sisqo Net Worth

Sisqo’s estimated net worth is about $5 million. He made his wealth from his albums, music concerts and stage shows with Dru Hill. He also has a major part of his earnings from television shows and movies. He is satisfied with his earnings and lives happily with his family.