Sheena Easton Net Worth 2019

Who is Sheena Easton and what is her net worth 2019? Sheena Easton is essentially a Scottish based singer, a recording artist as well as known as a stage and screen actress possessing dual British-American ethnicity. She initially came to public consideration as the emphasis of one episode in initial British based musical reality television programme entitled as The Big Time: Pop Singer This programme has recorded her efforts to attain a record deal and her ultimate contracting with EMI Records. Net worth of Sheena Easton is amassed from her career in music and acting, read further details below:

Early Life

Easton’s birth name is Sheena Shirley Orr, born in Scottish city of Bellshill. He is actually youngest of six kids of steel mill employee named Alex Orr and wife named Annie. This singer is having two brothers, namely; Robert and Alex, as well as three sisters, namely; Anessa, Marilyn, and Morag. The singer’s original recognised public performance in form of a singer was depicted in year 1964 while she was of age five, when she actually sang “Early One Morning”. Her father passed away in year 1969 and her mom supported the family.

Sheena Easton Net Worth

The singer’s top grades got in school received her a scholarship to appear in academy of music and drama in Glasgow, the place where she got training from year 1975 till 1979 in form of a speech as well as drama teacher working in day, whereas singing with one band named “Something Else” working in night at some local clubs.

Initial two singles by Easton namely, “Modern Girl” as well as “9 to 5”, made entry in UK Top Ten. Moreover, she was the leading UK female artist to feature for two times in the identical Top Ten. During year 1981, “9 to 5” has essentially topped the US Hot 100, positioning her as the third UK based female solo artist to attain this, after Lulu and Petula Clark, and she turned as one of the greatest effective British female musicians of 1980s.

Sheena Easton is recognised as Grammy nominee for six times in U.S. and a Grammy Award winner for two times, receiving Best New Artist during year 1981. She also got Best Mexican-American Performance during year 1985, on account of her duet made with Luis Miguel on popular song entitled as “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres”.

Moreover, she has too obtained five different U.S. Gold albums as well as one U.S. Platinum album. Also, she has actually recorded 16 different studio albums, launched 45 singles total universally, and noted 20 successive US singles. The latter includes seven U.S. top ten, fifteen U.S. Top 40 singles, as well as one U.S. No.1 featured on the Billboard Hot 100 during period of 1981 as well as 1991.

This singer even had 25 different top 40 hits in global territories all over the world. Inside Canada, she has actually scored three gold as well as two platinum albums. Besides, she has also sold more than 20 million albums and some singles internationally.

Net Worth of Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton is broadly known as a Scottish based singer, actress, songwriter and a producer, attaining net worth of $17 million. In year 1980, the singer’s earning increased after she had contracted with EMI, and started recording for her first single. She later worked to a positive career as a singer as well as actress.

Her net worth is high as she has launched sixteen studio albums, as well as performed in some film and even on television projects. This includes “Highlander: The Series”, “Miami Vice”, “TekWar”, as well as “The Outer Limits”. It is known that she has actually sold total 20 million records globally, was nominated for Grammy Awards six times, and she has won two so her income is high.

Winning of Grammy Awards and many other prestigious awards establish Sheena Easton’s fame globally as an accomplished and talented singer. She also showed her talents in field of acting by performing in some movies and television projects.