Roy Wood Net Worth 2019

Who is Roy Wood and what is his net worth 2019? He is one of the most recognisable faces in music industry, his heavily made-up face and wild hair as iconic as the poster boy image of Che Guevara that adorned every 60s school kid’s bedroom wall. Roy Wood has not only had a distinguished solo career, but he’s the brainchild of three top outfits; The Move, The Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard. As a songwriter, he contributed a huge number of hits to the repertoire of this group. He went on to form ELO with Jeff Lynne with a view to creating pop songs with classical overtunes. He was expert in playing guitar.

He tried his hand in many other instruments, both in studio and on the stage. His first instrument was drum. The BBC has described Wood as being “responsible for some of the most memorable sounds of the Seventies” and “credited as playing a major role in the Glam Rock, Psychedelic and Prog Rock movements. At the age of seventeen he became founder of The Move, who went on to enjoy multiple chart successes with songs all written by Roy himself.

Roy Wood Net Worth

Early Life

Wood was born in Birmingham, England on 8th November, 1946 and was destined for a career in music and taught himself to play many musical instrument. His birth name is often miss times incorrectly listed as Ulysses Adrian Wood due to flip comment made in an interview. Roy family has always encouraged his passion towards music. He has a daughter Holly who lives in America.

He currently lives Ashbourne, Derbyshire. He was awarded an honorary doctorate for his contribution to rock and pop by the University of Derby in 2008. Always the jovial colorful character, frontman Roy and the latter group were part of the glam rock brigade of the early –mid 70s. His first group in Birmingham in early 1960s was Gerry Levine and the Avengers. From this, and a variety of other Birmingham based groups, Roy wood formed The Move, and Roy became their musical leader.

Their first single, “Night of Fear” composed by wood immediately landed the band in the UK Top 5. “Flowers In The Rain” which was written by Roy himself, reached the chart at No.2 and this was the first record to be played on BBC Radio one. The Move and ELO existed side by side but after some time Roy decided leaving the ELO in hands of Lynne and Bevan and went off on his own to from Wizzard. Wizzard was a rock and roll style pop band which includes rhythm section, several drummers and percussionists. He also released several solo albums, exploring further musical directions.

Net Worth of Roy Wood

Roy Wood has an estimated net worth of $3.7 Million. Roy Wood’s net worth includes endorsement and ads. The estimated net worth includes stocks, properties, and luxury goods.

He has won NME award for the best instrumentalist. Roy recently went to the Globe Theatre in London to receive his Outer Limits “Progressive Music Award. He also awarded with Mojo Classic Songwriter in year 2010 in London, England. In year 1972, “Ball Park Incident’ was riding high in the Top 10, while following year became one to remember for the chart topping.

“I can hear the grass grow”, “Flowers In The Rain”, “Fire Brigade”, and the masterpiece “Black Berry” are among the hits that hit next five years in UK Top 20. Wizzard went on to score seven major hit records, including two number one singles “See My Baby Jive” and “Angel Fingers”. This was followed by one of the biggest Christmas anthems of all time, “I Wish It could Be Christmas Everyday”.

You might not be wrong if you call Wood among those who introduced Rock and Roll to this universe. He is a man with many guises and encyclopedia of music. He chooses his words carefully and narrate his life through his everlasting songs which makes one feel good.