Rob Thomas Net Worth 2018

Who is Rob Thomas and what is his net worth 2018? Rob Thomas is one of the best known American singer and Lyrics writer. He was the lead singer for the famous band Matchbox 20. He has many hits such as- including “Push”, “3AM”, “Unwell”, “Mad season” and “Bright Lights”, in his kitty. He is also recognised for the songs he had written for famous rock icons Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Marc Anthony, Pat Green and Travis Tritt. Additionally, Rob is a multi-instrumentalist and a record producer.

Early Life

Rob Thomas or Robert Kelly Thomas was born to Bill Thomas and Mamie on February 14, 1972. Rob never had a normal life. There had always been struggle and anxiety. But he was so inspired by the lives of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard that he decided to become a songwriter like them. He learned to play keyboard and guitar in his childhood days.

Rob Thomas Net Worth

Rob married Marisol, a model whom he met at the Tribeca Film Festival 2010. The couple expresses that it was a love at first sight. They both were happily married on October 2, 1998 in California. The wedding was broadcasted in the ABC’s Celebrity Wedding style.

Rob Thomas never had a regular school life or a normal life. He has observed homeless days. Once he came into contact with local musicians and got a ray of hope. There on, he started his career as a musician. Tabitha’s Secret was the first band that he started in 1993. Thomas became popular for the song “3 A.M” that focused on his own life.

Serletic and Rob formed Matchbox 20 and recorded many demo tapes and songs. Rob’s every song was paired up into a single album called “Yourself or Someone like You” that was released in October 1996. It was followed by next two successive albums “Real World” and Black 2 Good”. There success got Matchbox 20 nominated as the best band and Rob was included as one of the 50 most beautiful People.

In the year 2001, Thomas entered into South Carolina Music and started his career as solo artist. “The great unknown” and “Emotive radio hits” are some of the popular collections of Thomas that gave a pop feel to readers.

In the year 2000, Rob won three Grammy Awards for the category co-writing and singing that included rob’s greatest hit “Smooth” as well as the album, Supernatural. In the same year, he won record of the year and song of the year award. He entered into hall of fame with the Starlight Award in the year 2004. In 2006, Rob was awarded the top hot adult contemporary artist award.

Net Worth of Rob Thomas

Rob and his wife are animal lovers and in order to support animal charities and various other charities, they have established P Sidewalk Angels Foundation which was started in the intention to help the abandoned people and animals. Rob Thomas has a net worth of $20 million.

Robert Thomas has not only proved as a best singer and a musician, but has attracted and impressed many hearts by his enormous charity works and political views. According to Rob, each and every people have a short ride on earth, and should never affect other’s ride.