Reece Mastin Net Worth

Who is Reece Mastin and what is his net worth 2018? Nobody knew that a young Chap who was known to be having a rare ear syndrome with the danger of Hear loss at the age of seven would become such a huge pop star in his teens. Born to Darren Mastin and Debbie Mastin on 24th November 1994 in Scunthorpe in England, he is none other than Pop sensation, Reece Mastin.

Reece grew along with his three sisters in England. Because of are chronic ear illness and weather conditions in Scunthorpe, Reece’s family shifted to Greenwith in South Australia. Reece went to Golden Grove High School. He had developed an interest in music but there was no one to guide or support him. He himself learned by listening to music on the radio and starting writing songs at the tender age of 12 years. The influence of music came to Reece from his music teacher in his school. With his support, Reece started singing solo acoustics as well as performed in bands formed with his friends.

Reece Mastin Net Worth 2018-2019

During high school, in 2011, Reality singing TV show X factor season 3 was about to start and Reece participated in it. Nobody knew a normal high school boy who has musical interest would reach up to finals and eventually winning it. Winning X factor season 3 turned his life 360 degrees. He dropped from high school and focused on his music career.

Reece was dating Home and Away Actress Rhiannon Fish from 2012 to 2015. The reason for their split was apparently the long distance relationship.

Reece Mastin Net Worth

Reece Mastin is said to have a Net worth of $4.5 Million. After his stint at X Factor, as a winning prize, he has to sign a contract with Sony Music Australia. Since then he has 3 albums released and several singles as well. All of them performed great at the charts. The Little rocker, Reece won the competition when he was just 16 and now at 22, he is touring all over, releasing albums.

In his 7 years of career span, Reece has been able to garner huge success. Among the X factor winners and singers, Reece Mastin is said to be the most successful one. His income majorly comes from the live tours he does. Reece did starred in few of campaigns like AMF Bowling via Airborne and been ambassador for White Ribbon fighting against domestic violence.

During teens, most of the teenagers roam around, hop on junk food and do nothing. However, Reece Mastin, the Adelaide rock star, managed to get fame at the age of 16 years itself. But at the age of 18 years, Reece purchased a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney. Reece calls the home as his priceless possession as coming from a middle-class background, it was much of a big deal for him to buy a house. He even bought a car later on. Reece is fond of wearing several accessories among which he is always seen with his favourite Aviator sunglasses.

Reece was with Sony Label Australia from 2011 to 2015 and gave various Pop hits. However, Reece wanted to grow more in Rock genre so he parted ways with Sony Label and signed a contract with an Independent label named Social family records. His new label earned him a new manager, Mahalia Barner who was his friend and co-musician too. Apart from singing, Reece has been touring all the world. His last tour was in 2016 in Los Angeles. He had been part of TV show Tattoo Tales where he got inked taking his Grandfather’s design.

Reece Martin had a management contract with Sony label and the very same year of winning his debut single was released. Here are few of his singles and album that gained much momentum worldwide.

• First Single –“Good Night” – 3,50,000 copies sold (5 times platinum certification by ARIA)
• Reece Mastin Album – More than 1,40,000 copies sold ( Double Platinum Certification)
• Beautiful Nightmare Studio Album – 35,000 copies sold ( Gold Certification)
• Rock Star (Single) – Platinum Certification
• Behind Closed Doors – Documentary on DVD – Platinum Certification
• Shut up & Kiss (Single ) – Platinum
• Shout It Out (Single) – Platinum

Reece Mastin has taken a backseat since 2015 because not many of his songs are coming and those coming are not topping the chartbusters. His latest song was Heartache blues, which was released in 2016. After his breakup with Rhiannon and Sony labels, Reece professionally joined hands with Social family Records and started dating Australia’s Got talent winner Bonnie Anderson. Currently, he shared updates on his social networking sites from Red Hot Summer Tour.

One of the rising Rock stars from Australia, Reece Mastin tasted the fame at very young age. Being the X factor season 3 winner and getting success in 3 studio albums he released till date, he has a long way to go. With something which started as his passion, became his profession. His impromptu acoustic sets and music are what really liked. He is very stylish and is liked by girls because of his singing as well as styling sense. Hoping to hear more rock music from him in future!