Rachel Platten Net Worth

Who is Rachel Platten and what is her net worth 2018? Rachel Ashley Platten, popularly known as Rachel Platten, is a famous American singer and songwriter. She has some most popular songs to her name which helped her rise to fame. She was born on 20 May 1981 in New York. She was born to parents Paul and Pamela Platten. Her hometown is at the Newton Centre in Massachusetts.

She was married to Kevin Lazan in 2012. She went to Buckingham Browne and Nicholas High School and there she sang for the first time in the school’s singing group. She started learning classical piano at the age of 5. Later, she learned guitar in high school. She wanted to pursue music as her full-time career. She graduated from Trinity College in International Relations.

Rachel Platten Net Worth

She then started giving solo performances moving around the country. She has been associated with several charities and was an ambassador for Live Below the Line. She has fought through her life to get up to such a position and is a true inspiration for all. She is interested in reading books and is a big Nicholas Sparks fan.

Education: Rachel Platten was into music from very early ages. She went to the Mason-Rice Elementary School for primary Schooling. She started using the classical piano from the tender age of 5 and later played the guitar in high school. Her education was mainly music based. She sang in her college’s singing group at the Buckingham Browne and Nicholas High School.

She went on to do an internship in Trinidad and there sang in front of more than 80,000 people at the International Soca Monarch finals. From that moment, she wanted to pursue music as a full-time profession. She knew that music would take her to the top of the world and she did get everything through her songs and albums. Then, she started performing solo songs and albums and went throughout the country for performing on her songs.

Rachel Platten Net Worth

The net worth of Rachel Platten is estimated to be near $4.5 Million. She has some popular songs to her name which rang the bells of the American Billboard. Some of her popular albums and musicals include the “Wildfire”, “Battle Song” and “Stand By You” which were in the Billboard Hot 100 and also topped the UK Singles Chart. She got the best awards for some of her art. Some of the most notable arts include:

● Best Lyrics for “Fight Song”
● Outstanding Musical Performance for “Good Morning America”

She was also nominated for various top awards like the Top Selling Song Award for “Fight Song” and the American Music Awards.

Rachel Platten is not involved in any type of business. She is mainly popular for her albums and musicals. Nevertheless, she has worked with several charities like the Musicians on Call and has been the brand ambassador for Music Unites. She is also associated with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and as the brand ambassador for Live Below the Line.

The career steps of Rachel Platten in music include the following:

● “Trust in Me and Be Here”
● “Wildfire”
● “Fight Song”
● “Stand By You”

Since 2015 she is working on her album Wildfire and her upcoming fourth studio album which will be released soon. In October 2016, she sang the inaugural song of the 2016 World Series. She performed “Fight Song”, “Stand By You”, John Lennon’s “Imagine” and “Beating Me Up” on the New Year’s Eve of 2016. She was recently married to husband Kevin Lazan. In 2016, she won the iHeart Radio Music Awards Best Lyrics for her “Fight Song”.

The success story of Rachel Platten is a great inspiration for all those who are pessimistic of their lives. She had a complete of what she wanted to do with her life and that helped her achieve such a feat. She has made up her career in Music and her albums are as powerful as her. She has several albums stacked up for the current year and they will be a hit when they are released. That’s for sure.