Patrick Stump Net Worth

Who is Patrick Stump and what is his net worth 2018? Patrick Martin Stump was born on 27th April 1984, he is known by the name of Patrick Vaughn Stump. He is an American and has numerous talents and he works as songwriter-singer, record producer, music critic, actor, and multi-instrumentalist. He hails from Wilmette Illinois and is the lead vocalist, composer-pianist and rhythm guitarist for the Band Fall Out Boy. His solo works from the past have been labeled as R&B and funky infused.

Stump was born to David who was a folk singer by profession and Patricia Stump, who was an accountant. Among three children he is youngest. He grew up and completed his schooling from Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, Illinois. His parents got divorced when he was 8 years old. He always had the passion for music and he later admitted that music was an important part of his life from the very beginning. In the beginning of his career, he mostly played drums for a number of local bands. While growing his music idols included Elvis Costello, Tow Waits, Michael Jackson and Nat King Cole.

Patrick Stump Net Worth 2018-2019

Career: He got his first real break in the musical industry after becoming a part of band “Fall Out Boy”. He rose to fame and gained a lot of popularity all around the world after joining the band because of which it won’t be wrong to say that this band is his lucky charm. The founding member of Fall Out Boy band Joe Trohman first met Patrick Vaughn Stump because of their mutual musical interest.

Joe Trohman introduced Patrick Vaughn Stump to Pete Wentz who is a bassist. He first auditioned as a drummer for joining the band “Fall Out Boy”. However, Patrick Vaughn Stump bagged the place of lead singer in the band and afterward started playing the additional role of guitarist.

Joe Trohman and Patrick Vaughn Stump switch between their role of rhythm and lead guitarist at live shows as well as at the recording sessions. However, Patrick Vaughn Stump feels that he is better as rhythm guitarist than a lead guitarist. Main reason behind his this thinking is that he has a drumming background.

He is lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band and the lyrical duties are assigned to bassist Pete Wentz. As a band, they released their first work in the year 2003. Soon after that, they signed with Island Records. From this very moment, Patrick Vaughn Stump started gaining popularity. He even got praised for his solo albums and songs.

The year of 2012 came in as an unlucky year Patrick Vaughn Stump’s fans, as Patrick Vaughn Stump announced in a blog post that he would quit working in the music industry because of being heavily criticised for Fall Out Boy’s release at that time and Soul Punk. He completely diapered from the internet for some time. He took this action because of constant criticism of his work and the fact that many of his fans turned into haters and began thrashing about him and his work.

He returned back to the internet and his blog on May 2012 and he offered his explanation for being absence from the blog and lack of any updates about his music career in the forthcoming future. He also announced that he won’t quite music; however, he won’t be releasing his own work for some time. After that time period, he has gained more popularity and is doing very well in the musical industry. At Alternative Press Music Award 2016 on 18th July 2016, Patrick Vaughn Stump won the title of Best Vocalist.

Patrick Stump Net Worth

Patrick Vaughn Stump”s net worth is $17 million.

Stump lives in Chicago with his wife and his child. Stump tied the knot with “Elisa Yao”, his longtime girlfriend in the year of 2012. Patrick Vaughn Stump is connected with his family and has performed at his step brother’s wedding on March 2014. His step brother at whose wedding he performed was born from his father’s second wedding.

He sang “Let’s Get It On”, which was originally sung by Marvin Gaye. In September 2014, Patrick Vaughn Stump announced that his wife was pregnant and that they were expecting their first child. Patrick Vaughn Stump’s first child “Declan” was born on 12 October 2014.