Nicky Jam Net Worth 2018

Who is Nicky Jam and what is his net worth 2018? Nicky jam is stage name of singer and songwriter Nick Rivera Caminero. Nicky Jam was born on 17th March 1981. Nicky jam is famous for his songs Hasta el Amanecer and El Perdon. Nick Rivera Caminero was born to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father.

His family later moved to Barrio Obero in Puerto Rico and at that time Nicky jam was 10 years old. He has spent his youth in reggaeton. Getting his stage name “Nicky jam” is associated with a funny story. You won’t believe that Nicky jam didn’t come up with his stage name.

Nicky Jam Net Worth

This very name was given to him by a homeless guy. His family didn’t have a good financial condition because of which he was forced to work at an early age. As his family had very low-income, he used to perform illegal work in the grocery store by improvising during bagging groceries. He had a thing for music from an early age.

A music executive impressed by his talents signed him, he recorded his very first album “…Distinto A Los Demas” when he was only fourteen years old. Though the album didn’t perform well in the market, however, it helped him bag more projects as his first album brought him to light in front of music producers such as DJ Chiklin, DJ Joe, and DJ Playero.


After gaining the attention of music producers because of his very first album Nicky jam started working in the music industry with the desire to make a good name in this industry. His hard work paid off when he met Daddy Yankee while both of them were recording for DJ Playero and Guatauba. After seeing Nicky jam’s talents Daddy Yankee was forced to ask Rivera to start working with him.

In the later 90s, Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam became friends and they together formed a group which was named Los Cangris. Their team up gave them a number of successful singles which includes “Sentirte”, Sabanas Blancas”, “Guayando” and a number of other singles. Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam also worked with each other on the album named “Los Super Amigos” in the year of 2000.

However, this very album never saw the light of day as it was never released. In the year 2001 Rivera took a small part in Daddy Yankee’s “El Cartel II: Los Cangris”. Fans of Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam were shocked when Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam ended their friendship and decided to separate their paths. They ended their collaboration in 2004 and stopped talking and working together.

It was said that their sour relation was because of some personal issues. Nicky jam continued his musical journey as a solo artist and since then he has created a number of singles which are commercially successful. Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam settled their disagreement in the year of 2012. Daddy Yankee and Nicky jam recorded together song “El Party Me Llama”.

Nicky jam after a dispute with Daddy Yankee carried on as a solo artist and released his solo work Haciendo Escante in the year 2001 and Vida Escante in the year 2004. Nicky jam has worked with a number of popular artists such as Magnate & Valentino, Big Boy, Hector & Tito, Lito & Polaco, and R.K.M & Ken-Y. You can imagine about the popularity and fan following simply by knowing the fact that Nicky jam holds the record for most appearances in the albums of various artists. Earlier this very record was held by Daddy Yankee.

Even after gaining huge popularity and success in music industry Nicky jam felt that he could do more and improve his position in the highly competitive music industry. With this very thought, he moved to Colombia in the year 2010. This very decision of Nicky jam proved to be a career rejuvenation idea that he needed badly.

Net Worth of Nicky Jam

The net worth of Nicky jam is estimated around $750 thousand.

Nicky jam is married to Angelica Cruz. Thirty-five-year-old Nicky jam tied the knot with Angelica Cruz on 4th February 2017 in Medellin Colombia. Nicky jam’s marriage ceremony was a private one and his marriage ceremony was attended by famous celebrity guests such as Gente de Zona and Vin Diesel.

In the end, it can be said that Nicky Jam has been very successful in his career and pursuit. Having met and worked with some of the most well-known celebrities, he has proven his talents time and again. His overall net worth is estimated to be $750 thousand but it is quite evident that it will only keep increasing with time as he reaches the zenith of his career.