Nelly Furtado Net Worth 2018

Who is Nelly Furtado and what is her net worth 2018? Nelly Furtado is known to be a Portuguese-Canadian based singer and songwriter. She initially attained reputation through her debut album entitled as Whoa, Nelly! in year 2000. This was a commercial and critical success that reproduced two top 10 singles entitled “I’m Like a Bird” as well as “Turn Off the Light”. Remove your confusion regarding getting net worth of Nelly Furtado as you can get it below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Furtado is Victoria, British Columbia, located in Canada. The singer’s Portuguese based parents namelt, António José and Maria Manuela, were born in Azores on São Miguel Island. Moreover, they had settled to Canada during late 1960s. It is known that Nelly was termed after Soviet gymnast named Nellie Kim. Names of her siblings are Lisa Anne and Michael Anthony. These children were brought up in Roman Catholic. When she was of age four, she started making performance as well as singing in Portuguese.

Nelly Furtado Net Worth

Her initial public based performance was the one when she did singing of a duet along with her mother at one church located on Portugal Day. She started playing musical instruments when she was of age nine. In early age, she learnt ukulele, the trombone, and afterwards keyboards and guitar. When she reached age 12, she started writing songs, and being a teenager, she made performance in a Portuguese based marching band.

In a visit conducted with her sister named Lisa Anne in Toronto, after finishing grade eleven, Furtado encountered Tallis Newkirk, recognised as a member of famous hip hop group named Plains of Fascination. Moreover, she offered vocals to its year 1996 album entitled as Join the Ranks, on soundtrack i.e. “Waitin’ 4 the Streets”. After completing graduation from a secondary school in year 1996, she relocated to Toronto to live with her sister named Lisa Anne.

In next year, she created Nelstar, recognised as a trip hop duo in association with Newkirk. It is found that she resigned from that group and decided to return to home. In that same year, she performed at Honey Jam talent show being held. The singer’s performance fascinated attention of The Philosopher Kings based singer named Gerald Eaton, who later contacted her to write along with him.


In year 2002, she made appearance on song entitled “Thin Line”, present on underground based hip hop group Jurassic 5’s album entitled Power in Numbers. She too presented her vocals to Paul Oakenfold song entitled “The Harder They Come” from album named Bunkka. Her second album entitled Folklore, was launched in year 2003. It is known that one of corresponding tracks on its album entitled “Childhood Dreams”, was devoted to her daughter named Nevis.

The singer’s third album entitled as Loose, after the impulsive, imaginative decisions she created while making of the album, was launched in year 2006. In that album, chiefly produced from Timbaland, Furtado tries with sounds derived from hip hop, R&B, and 1980s music as well.

In year 2003, Furtado delivered birth to her daughter named Nevis Chetan. The father of this child is Jasper Gahunia, known as Furtado’s boyfriend from year 2001. This couple faced breakup in year 2005 however as per views of Furtado, they remained good friends and also share combined responsibility of upbringing Nevis. Furtado got married to sound engineer named Demacio Castellon in year 2008.

Net Worth of Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is essentially acknowledged as a Canadian based singer, actress and songwriter holding net worth of $40 million. After she attained extensive popularity through her debut album entitled “Whoa, Nelly” in year 2000, she worked well to release four studio albums, and all of them received Platinum or Gold in many countries. Acknowledgement of her singles and albums simply suggest her high net worth.

Nelly Furtado stayed as member of many hip hop and other music groups in her career. Moreover, she presented her melodious vocals for many singles and albums which became hit now.