Ne-Yo Net Worth

Who is Ne-Yo and what is his net worth 2018? Ne-Yo is the professional name of Shaffer Chimere Smith. He is an American songwriter, dancer, singer, record partner, and actor. Ne-Yo is best known for writing the hit song “Let Me Love You” in 2004 for Marion, the singer. In 2006, he released his first debut album “In My Own Words”. It was very successful.

On the 18th October 1979, Ne-Yo was born n Camden, Arkansas. He was given the name Shaffer Chimere Smith. His parents were also musicians. His parents then separated, and as a result, Ne-Yo was raised by her mother. After the separation, they migrated to Las Vegas. He attended Las Vegas Academy. While there, his stage name was “GoGo” and he performed in a band by the name Envy. The book appeared on several occasions. It appeared at showtime t the Appollo during amateur night. Also on The Cit of MTV. The group collapsed in 2000, but Ne-Yo continued writing songs for other artists. He later started his solo career. Courtesy of producer Big D Evans, the then called Smith got his nickname Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo Net Worth

In 2005, the then Ne-Yo’s girlfriend by the name Jessica White gave birth to a baby boy. The child was named Chimere. He was very excited about being a father, but he later discovered that the son was not his. Ne-Yo then started dating Monyetta Shaw. On November 12th 2010, she gave birth to a baby girl who they named Madilyn Grace Smith.

Less than a year later, on 9th October 2011, she got a baby boy. In September 2015, Ne-Yo shared the news that he was engaged to Crystal Renay Williams. They got married on 20th February 2016. They were blessed with a son named Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. in March 2016.

Columbia Records signed Ne-Yo after Envy Group’s disbandment in 2000. However, they dropped him even before he could release his first album which he had already recorded. After Marques Houston, an American singer heard “That Girl”, he re-recorded it and released it as his 2013’s MH album’s single. As a result, Ne-Yo songwriting skills were noticed.

He also wrote songs for Mary J. Blige, Musiq, Faith Evans and BK2 but never got any attention. He contributed to albums such as ‘Complex Simplicity’ and ‘It’s About Time’. Ne-Yo’s career’s breakthrough was after writing “Let Me Love You” for Mario. Jay-Z, as a result, signed Ne-Yo to a new deal. In early 2006, he released his debut album “In My Own Words”. Others were ‘Because of You’ and ‘Year of the Gentleman’

Ne-Yo Net Worth

As a musician and a songwriter, Ne-Yo has earned money over the years and accumulated some wealth too. Ne-Yo has a net worth of $18 million.

Ne-Yo is a songwriter, dancer, and singer. His name became a household name for writing the song “Let Me Love You”. He produced hit albums including, “In My Own Words”, “Because of You”, “Year of the Gentleman”, “Libra Scale”, “R.E.D.”, “Non-Fiction” and “Good Man”.