Natalia Kills Net Worth 2018

Who is Natalia Kills and what is her net worth 2018? An exceptionally talented artist with a grip on the unique genre of “dark pop- provocateur” and lyrics forged out of life experiences is one way of describing Natalia Kills, who oozes sex appeal from her music videos and has an unapologetic fashion sense.

Early Life

On 15th June 1986 Natalia Kills, currently known as Teddy Sinclair was born as Natalia Noemi Keery-Fisher at Bradford, West Yorkshire, to a mother from Uruguay and a father belonging to Afro-Jamaican heritage and spent most of her childhood travelling between England, Jamaica and Spain. She had a teenage life wrapped in legal trouble and suicidal depression, ran away from home and even tried to burn her ex-boyfriend’s house in the past. In 2014, she married her boyfriend Willy Moon, a fellow singer in the music industry.

Natalia Kills Net Worth

Sinclair did not start out as a chart busting singer and did her debut in the entertainment industry as an actor with an impressive role on the popular sitcom “All About Me” and BBC’s radio drama show “The Archers”. As a troubled teen of 14, she started writing her own songs and won the BBC Radio 1 MC battle in Leeds in 2003 as “Candy Rapper”. During her work with M. Pokorashe met with Guillaume Doubet who directed several of her music videos in Paris.


In 2008, she moved to Los Angeles without money or a place to stay and went through several struggles before being introduced to, who signed her to his own record label, Music Group. Further, she went on to work with several established and trending artists like Madonna, Rihanna and LMFAO. Do you remember RiRi’s song ‘Kiss It Better’? This genius mind co-wrote that song.

She has been a part of the New Zealand version of the popular TV show, The X factor where she was not only the mentor but also co-judged with husband Willy Moon. Her writing skills are reflected through her work and while she was focusing on writing films and music, she came up with Womannequin in MySpace by using the name Natalia Cappuuccini. This EP got over 2 million plays and she soon topped the chart of unsigned artists.

She has also gone through various stage names from Verbalicious to Natalia Cappuccini and as of now goes by Teddy Sinclair and has a band called Cruel Youth. She released her third single named ‘Hatefuck’ when she released the album +30mg.

Education: Education plays a significant role in shaping a beautiful career and Natalia proves it with her high educational background. Natalia attended the Bradford Girl’s Grammar School and had a troubled life during her teenage years or as she likes to describe herself as “degenerate” during that time period. Later she attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Being associated with such an institution makes her an actor of great value.

Net Worth of Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills has an estimated net worth of $6 million. That does not come as a shocker since she was already a badass in the music industry at the UK and since “Trouble”, she tasted her fair share of success in America. She is too occupied in her career and had been successful in whatever she tried. From endorsements to writing songs, Natalia deserves all the applause. Two tracks from Perfectionist, “Free” featuring Will.I.Am and “Mirrors” achieved record sales of over 750,000.

Along with featuring in sitcoms, she has also signed lucrative deals with; in the brand’s commercial four ladies who are obsessed with shoes are searching through shoe aisles and got deals as low as $40, features Natalia’s song Problem. She even landed a lucrative deal with X Factor NZ as a judge but was cast out after the first episode for some harsh comments towards a contestant, which was not tolerated by the broadcaster.

Natalia Kills has a lot of successful albums to her name which includes most popularly Perfectionist, Trouble and +30mg (with Cruel Youth). Her most popular songs are Problem, Wonderland, Kill my Boyfriend and Mirrors among which only the first one belongs to her album Trouble while the latter are all from Perfectionist.

She also has had roles in various films and television series which include:

• New Voices(1995)
• All About Me(2002-04)
• Casualty(2003)
• Coronation Street(2003)
• Blue Murder(2004)
• No Angels(2005)
• Tripping Over(2006)
• The X Factor NZ(2015)

Natalia has had a very successful music career through a short span of time and has made it to charts and billboards multiple times including UK Albums chart where her debut album “Perfectionist” hit number 129, and peaked at number 134 on US Billboard 200. Her single “Mirrors” hit top ten in both Austria and Germany and her second album released two years later started off at number 70 on the US Billboard 200 in September 2013.

She has even won the Eska Music Awards: International New Face in 2011 and was nominated for the “Best R&B Song” for co-writing Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better”. The song was picked for nomination along with “Exchange”, “Lake By the Ocean”, Come and See Me (feat. Drake) and “Luv).

The husband and wife duo is doing great and they are totally happy and settled. Last year, the talented duo released their much anticipated album Cruel Youth. It happened just after the couple was fired from being the judge of The X Factor (New Zealand) because they were apparently passing mean comments and bullying a contestant named Irvine. She claimed that Irvine had copied Moon’s look and hairstyle. Due to this harsh scenario which was even aired, Natalia lost her contract with the famous Cherrytree Records.

Though she had a big setback in her life but with the album, she regained some of her lost popularity. She has miles to walk and many things to fix. Natalia is surely not going to upset her fans again.