Myleene Klass Net Worth

Who is Myleene Klass and what is her net worth 2018? Many musicians come and fade away quickly. They do not have an alternate source of income when they start becoming less popular. Not everyone is a victim of such circumstances. Certainly, Myleene Klass is not one among them. She has been a British singer and pianist. Subsequently, she became a model. Then, she began presenting shows on TV. This is what you call a ‘multi-talented personality’.

Born on 06 April 1978 in Gorleston, Norfolk, she has an Austrian father and a Filipino mother. Her sister, Jessie, and brother Don complete this musical family. The family has a great heritage of music on the paternal side with the last six generations producing good musicians. Myleene started playing the violin and the piano from the age of 4 years. She could play the harp very well too. She won many prizes in her age level at school.

Myleene Klass Net Worth

Any young girl would love to be part of the ITV reality show, Popstars. Myleene was not different from any of them. In 2001, she reached the top 10 thereby becoming a member of the musical band, Hear’Say.

This was the starting point of her career. Her first album with the band was a success. This gave her a chance to perform alongside stars such as Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, etc. various TV and stage appearances followed the initial success. This group lasted until 2003 before breaking up because of a feud between Klass and Marsh.

This break up resulted in Myleene Klass going solo. She started her solo career with Universal Classics. She tasted success at every step in her singing career. She has played a great part in many musical compositions, the best being her association with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams.

She moved ahead with a career as a TV presenter for music shows. She has presented many shows, the most prominent ones being BBC’s “Heaven & Earth.” This program was very close to her because she had a great interest in astronomy as a child. She participated in the ITV reality TV show, “I’m a celebrity…Get Me Out of here.” She finished at the second place. It was during this time that she gained popularity as a sex symbol. She received offers for posing on Playboy Magazine.

She had her share of controversies as well. These were of the political kind. She had a heated debate with the leader of the Labour party, Ed Milband in a TV show. She has had her stints as a radio presenter from 2006. During this time, she had been busy with her modelling assignments. She attained #78 in the “FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 2006.” Her highest position has been at #33 in the year 2003. She has been the face of Ortak Jewelry.

On the personal front, she married her boyfriend Graham Quinn in 2011. Prior to the marriage, she had a daughter with Graham in 2007. She has been a workaholic throughout her life. Just ten days after giving birth, she started working. Her husband Quinn quit her in 2012, just six months into their marriage. Her divorce hearing must have been the fastest in Britain’s history. The Court issued the decree in just 100 seconds.

Education: She had her early education in Britain. She attended St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School for her initial education. She attended the Cliff Park High School in Gorleston for a while before switching over to Notre Dame High School, Norwich. After completing her schooling, she took singing classes at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She followed this stint with a two-year course at Great Yartmouth College. Finally, she studied at the Royal Academy of Music at the University of London.

Myleene Klass Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Myleene Klass is $20 million. She does a lot of charity work as well. During her stint at the reality TV program, she auctioned her bikini and donated the proceeds to charity. She is a smart woman. She had a second line of income ready. She is an able TV and radio presenter in addition to being a top model. The income from all these sources goes into creating this net worth.

She is living with her two daughters in her own house in Wales. Her husband has left her and she is raising both the daughters on her own ability. These girls are her biggest assets.

She is the perfect business model in many ways. She has been a successful singer. Once her singing career waned, she switched over to TV and radio presenting. In the meanwhile, her modelling was perfectly on the track. You cannot find a more astute singer in the world. She must qualify as having the best business acumen amongst the music fraternity.

She is more into TV and radio presenting today rather than straining her vocals with her band. She does a lot of charity as well. She has a great interest in astronomy. She spends whatever free time she has in pursuing this passion.

It is very difficult to find a musician as talented as Myleene Klass. In addition to singing, she has multiple talents. She is a successful TV and radio presenter. It is a tribute to her business acumen that she has managed to accumulate a net worth of more than $20 million.