Moby Net Worth

Moby is a singer, songwriter, producer, musician, photographer from the United States of America. He is also an animal rights activist. The online music guide website, AllMusic, ranks Moby is one of the most important musicians in the United State and the United Kingdom.

Richard Melville Hall was born on September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York City, New York. His father, James Frederick Hall was a teacher but he died in 1967 because of a drink-driving accident, and his mother, Elizabeth McBride Hall was a medical secretary but she also died in 1998. Elizabeth was the one who raised Moby in a town in Connecticut called Darien. Moby went to the University of Connecticut to study philosophy but he dropped out after 1 year because he wanted to pursue a musical career.

Moby Net Worth 2017-2018

Moby’s relationships and dating life is not much exposed. Information says that in 2001, he was dating the famous actress, Natalie Portman then he started dating a businesswoman called Kelly Tisdale and they left each other in 2004, but none of that is confirmed. Moby had some problem with drugs, he said that he tried Lysergic acid diethylamide and went through a panic attack. He’s also an animal rights supporter and activist.

Moby first was the guitarist for a punk band called Vatican Commandos, and then he played with a rock band called Ultra Vivid Scene. In 1991, a single song by him called Go, was ranked top ten in the United Kingdom and that was a very successful hit for him. In 1992, Moby produced and released his first album ever and called it Moby.

He also remixed many bands including The B-52’s, Orbital, Recoil and others. Moby then produced and released many albums and most of them were successful. Furthermore, he recorded and produced soundtracks for films including the crime film Heat, the spy thriller film The Bourne Identity, the animated fantasy-action Cool World, the famous slasher film Scream, and the spy film Tomorrow Never Dies.

• Moby (10 Tracks), (1992).
• Ambient (12 Tracks), (1993).
• Everything Is Wrong (13 Tracks), (1995).
• Animal Rights (12 Tracks), (1996).
• Play (18 Tracks), (1999).
• 18 (18 Tracks), (2002).
• Hotel (16 Tracks), (2005).
• Last Night (16 Tracks), (2008).
• Wait for Me (18 Tracks), (2009).
• Destroyed (26 Tracks), (2011).
• Innocents (12 Tracks), (2013).
• Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. (11 Tracks), (2016).
• These Systems Are Failing (12 Tracks), (2016).
• More Fast Songs about the Apocalypse (9 Tracks), (2017).

How much is Moby Net Worth in 2017

Moby recorded, produced and released many albums and they were sold for more than 20 million copied worldwide. His 5th album, Play was released in 1999 with 18 songs, and it hit 6000 sold copies in its first week. His 6th album called 18, was released in 2002 with 18 songs and it sold more than 5 million copies across the whole world.

Moby earned many awards for his tremendous work including Academy of Country Music Award for On-Air Personality of the Year (1999), MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video, NRJ Music Award for International Male Artist of the Year (2001), Billboard Music Award for Electronic Album of the Year (2002), Billboard Music Award for Electronic Albums Artist of the Year (2002), MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography and MTV Europe Music Award for Web Award. Moby has a net worth of $35 million US dollars as of 2017.

Moby is a successful DJ musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His records were sold for millions of copies worldwide and he earned many awards. Moby is considered as one of the richest DJ musicians across the world and he’s now in 2017 doing tours across the United State and Europe.