Mike Murdock Net Worth 2019

Who is Mike Murdock and what is his net worth 2019? Mike Murdock (original name: Michael Dean “Mike” Murdock) is acknowledged as an American based Contemporary Christian singer, a songwriter, televangelist as well as a priest of the Wisdom Center ministry from Haltom City, located in Texas. He preaches all over the world and he is greatest recognised for his advertising of prosperity theology.

This priest frequently preaches with Benny Hinn and David Cerullo and he has even addressed with Tammy Faye Bakker. Moreover, he also hosts the Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock named television program. It is possible that you get confused while getting details of net worth of Mike Murdock so read below:

Mike Murdock Net Worth

Early Life

Birthplace of Murdock is Lake Charles, located in Louisiana. Names of his parents are J.E. and Willie Murdock. He is having a sister named Deborah Murdock-Johnson who serves for his office. In year 1964, he completed graduation from a high school in Lake Charles.

Also, he has appeared in Southwestern Assemblies of God University running in Waxahachie, located in Texas, however he has left it after studying for three semesters during year 1966. In year 1989, he has got one honorary doctorate right from International Seminary inside Florida.

It was in year 1966 that he got married to Linda Lormand (from period of 1966 till 1979) and this couple adopted one boy named Jason, in year 1979. They got divorced in year 1979. His wife was offered custody of Jason after the divorce.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has stated that Murdock had listed 76 songs in association with the American Society of Composers, Publishers and Authors, as per illegal data retained on such groups’ websites. In year 1973, before taking divorce, he had founded the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association and started campaigning and fundraising all over the country.

It was in year 1989 that he as a priest on The PTL Club received countrywide consideration in the PTL scandal while he requested audiences to contribute to Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker appealing they assisted broken marriages as well as persons. Later the PTL has stated bankruptcy and Bakker headed to prison for deception associated to his ministry. Later in year 1999, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram stated that Murdock has declined interview requests as well as he also had formerly rejected to reply questions regarding money.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram operated one series centred on Murdock offering association money to choose family members who were present on his board of association. In year 2003, the Associated Press stated that he asked supporters for money to assist the poor however he has spent over 60% of contributions on overhead, comprising his salary. It also encompassed just a small amount on supporting the needy people, or any additional ‘public interest’.

Till now, Murdock has been featured on CBN, TBN, INSP, BET, WORD, Daystar Television Network as well as many other television networks. Moreover, he is known to be a Founding Trustee working on the Board of International Charismatic Ministries working with late Oral Roberts.

Net Worth of Mike Murdock

Famous American based televangelist known as Mike Murdock is recognised to be an extremely rich person. This celebrity’s overall net worth is assessed to be around $6 million. Though, his audience may be even richer. As contribution to churches as well as many non-profit foundations are typically tax-exempt and his Wisdom Center ministry is accomplishing more than better.

His wealth is high because as per Fort Worth Star-Telegram, he was selling his large mansion located in Argyle Texas in year 2012. It is found that the listing price registered was amazing $3.2 million. It is high because it possesses 25 rooms and is located on 6.89 acres of land. Also, he has ultimately sold this house for worth of $2.7 million in year 2013.

Being a priest for the Wisdom Center ministry offered Mike Murdock global fame in different parts of world. As a televangelist, he has been featured on number of television networks till now, adding to his reputation worldwide.