Midge Ure Net Worth 2019

Who is Midge Ure and what is his net worth 2019? Midge Ure was born on 1959 in Cambuslang, Scotland in working class family. He went to Rutherglen Academy in Glasgow, and then attended Motherwell Technical College and became an engineer in NEL near East Kilbride. He first started playing in a band called Stumble between 1969-1971 with Fraser Spiers, Kenny Ireland, Alan Wright and Alec Baird. His mainstream success was made by his numerous bands such as Thin Lizzy, Visage, Rich Kids but he was noticed for being the frontman of Ultravox.

He co-produced and wrote best-selling single in the United Kingdom “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” which was sold in more than 3 million copies. He organised Live Aid, Band Aid with Bob Geldof. Even now, he is still trustee for the charity.

Midge Ure Net Worth

He is also known as a writer for new wave hits such as “Fade to Grey” by Visage and signature song of Ultravox “Vienna”.

He lives near bath and he was married twice: to writer and actress Annabel Giles with whom he has one daughter, and Sheridan Forbes, with whom he has three daughters. His two passions are cooking and music; he appeared in Celebrity Master Chef and impressed all judges.

Net Worth of Midge Ure

Midge Ure has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. In 1972 he became a guitarist of Salvation, the band formed by Jim and Kevin McGinlay. Jim McGinley was responsible for his nickname because they were both Jims and the logical thing to do was to name Ure backward as Midge in order to avoid any kind of confusion. Since then he became Midge Ure and always presented him like that on interviews and credits.

In 1974 Kevin left the group and Midge became a vocalist in addition to a guitar player. In winter later that year band changed its name to Silk and became the collaboration between musicians and writers Phil Coulter and Bill Martin.

In 1975 he was offered to become a lead singer of the Sex Pistols and he declined that offer because he wanted to make priorities. He made a number one hit single in 1976 with “Forever and Ever”. The problem was that in 1977 Jim McGinlay decided to leave the band, however, they didn’t receive any critical success because the punk rock has emerged, and they all looked like a boy band.

In 1977 Midge Ure left his previous band and joined Rich Kids band in which played Glen Matlock, first bassist of Sex Pistols. However, this project was cancelled because of tension within the band, so after a while, they disbanded.

In 1978 he formed Visage and made with them numerous new wave hits that were very popular in that year. He joined Thin Lizzy at the end of this year when he replaced Gary Moore. He contributed some guitar parts on few songs and became co-writer for few songs such as “Get out of here” from album Black Rose. His departure from Thin Lizzy was made because of his wish to have full creative control. So he formed with Billy Currie band that made him popular to a wide audience, Ultravox. After the album Vienna from 1980, he made number one hit in the UK and the title track as a single was also in the top selling singles of that year.

He was responsible for Band Aid hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas” which he wrote with Bob Geldof. He was also a producer and audio engineer and with his partner, he made Band Aid Trust that is active to this day.

In his solo career, he had numerous number one singles and sponsorship, endorsement and commercial success. In the near past, he had a reunion tour with Ultravox where he sang some of his songs in combination with theirs. The tour was successful and that was one of the factors that affected his current net worth.

He was the main figure in British new wave as a music talent with great experience as musician, producer, and songwriter. However, his greatest project was Band Aid that made a great effort which was copied later in the United States and other countries. His co-written single became the best-selling single of all time in Britain, which was a part of history. We must not deceive ourselves that he is finished with playing.