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Michael Stipe is known as a singer, musician, music video director, film producer, songwriter, visual artist, as well as a philanthropist. This celeb is greatest acknowledged as a lead singer as well as chief lyricist of an alternative rock band entitled as R.E.M. from its creation in year 1980 till their termination in year 2011. Net worth of Michael Stipe is grossed from multiple careers as listed above, get further details below:

Birthplace of Michael Stipe is Decatur, located in Georgia. Presently of age 57, he is knwon as the second out of four children to their parents. He was a military brat and his father served as a serviceman in the United States Army. His father’s career ensued in recurrent relocations for the family. The actor’s younger sister named Lynda Stipe became a vocalist of her personal band named Hetch Hetchy.

Michael Stipe Net Worth 2017-2018

He and his family shifted to many locales throughout his childhood, comprising Texas, Illinois, West Germany, Alabama and Georgia. It is known that he was brought up as Methodist. He completed graduation from a high school in Collinsville in year 1978. He appeared in one university in Athens, located in Georgia, in form of an art major, learning painting and photography.

When studying in a college, Stipe visited the Wuxtry record factory and here he encountered store worker named Peter Buck in year 1980. Both of these friends ultimately made decision to create a band. Stipe and Buck began writing music collectively; during that the time Stipe too devoted time in one local group termed as Gangster.

This pair was shortly joined by Mike Mills and Bill Berry and entitled named them as R.E.M., known as a name which he chosen at arbitrary from one dictionary. It is found that all the four members of this band left the school in year 1980 in order to concentrate on that band. Moreover, he was the last to accomplish so. This band released its debut single entitled “Radio Free Europe”, right on Hib-Tone, and this became a college radio success.

Later, this band contracted to I.R.S. Records for purpose of launch of the Chronic Town EP, after one year. R.E.M. afterwards launched its debut album entitled as Murmur in year 1983, commended by critics.

It was in year 1983, after few months of release of debut album of R.E.M. that Stipe partook in a low-budget kind; forty-five-minute period Super-8 film entitled Just Like a Movie. It was filmed in Athens by a photographer named Laura Levine, belonging from a magazine named New York Rocker; he was recognized as a friend of that band. In year 1998, he issued one collection named as Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith.

How much is Michael Stipe Net worth in 2017

Michael Stipe is globally commended as a singer, film producer, lyricist, and visual artist, attaining net worth of $85 million US dollars as of 2017. This celeb earned well by working as a lead singer of an alternative rock band entitled as R.E.M. since year 1980 till 2011. He excellently collaborated with Bill Berry, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills when studying in one university. All these members created one alternative rock band entitled as R.E.M. Recognized for their exclusive sound, this alternative rock group earned all of them a great wealth.

Apart from his achievement with R.E.M., in year 1987, he also co-founded C00 Films along with Jim McKay. This company is essentially a mixed-media firm, adding to his income. Moreover, discussing his acting career, he has too created many acting appearances on movies and on television as well as voiced Schnitzel the Reindeer during year 1999 based movie entitled as Olive, the Other Reindeer.

For more than three decades, Michael Stipe is acknowledged as a lead singer as well as chief lyricist of an alternative rock band entitled as R.E.M., right from its creation in year 1980 till their termination in year 2011. His vocals as well as lyrics attained specific attention from listeners all over the world.