Melanie Martinez Net Worth

Who is Melanie Martinez? What is net worth of Melanie Martinez? Melanie Adele Martinez was born in 1995 in Astoria, Queens and she was raised in Baldwin. She participated in MSG Varsity Talent Show when she was in high school; however, her breakthrough was after an appearance on the talent show The Voice. She sang Toxic from Britney Spears and made it to Top 6 before she was eliminated. Immediately after talent show, she began working on her own material. It was stated that she was supported by fans, and that was a great thing because when she released her first single “Dollhouse” it immediately became her most successful single that was certified platinum by RIAA. Soon afterward she signs a record contract with Atlantic Records and released her debut EP “Dollhouse”.

She moved from Queens to Long Island when she was only four. In that time she listened to Shakira, The Beatles, Christina Aguilera and many more successful artist that made her think about singing. She studied at Plaza Elementary School where she learned how to sing. In the same time she began writing poetry.

Melanie Martinez Net Worth 2017-2018

She described herself as a very emotional person with a different attitude if you compare her with her friends. She also loved to paint and to photograph in order to express herself. Her debut album is called Cry Baby because she was as emotional as young and cried for everything. That made the character from her concept album.

She taught herself to play guitar and when she had 14 she wrote her first song in combination with poetry. She appeared on a talent show and won in Baldwin High School when she was 16. Her main inspiration for the controversial look was Cruella De Vil, so she changed her hair in half dyed and half blonde.

She is in a relationship with DJ and producer Michael Keenan. They worked together, too, on album Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million US dollars as of 2017. In 2012 she participated in MSG Varsity Talent Show and she was eliminated in the second round. Afterward, she auditioned for The Voice with song Toxic and all judges were pleased and satisfied. Adam Levine became her voice coach and her supervisor.

When the show was over she began to write her own original material and released single “Dollhouse”. She made music video and fans helped her by making donations, so the video was made with her own production and budget. She also directed music video which had more than 100 million views on YouTube.

In 2014 she signed a contract with Atlantic Records and announced her tour. Her first album was certified gold and it was previewed on American Horror Story: Freak Show. It reached number nine on digital song chart.

Album “Cry Baby” was released in summer 2015 and it was critically acclaimed. It debuted at number 6 on Billboard 200. This album was not successful as first; however, her truly artistic side was in the main focus.

She used her artistic side to write her own original songs and themes, which was all about some personal experience. She describes her music as dark and honest, a combination of modern hip hop and nostalgic sounds of childhood.

Melanie Martinez collaborates with Lime Crime Inc. a cosmetic company that released her two lipsticks: Brown lipstick called Teddy Bear and blue lipstick called Cry Baby. She also released commercials for Cry Baby Perfume Milk.

Her single had more than 13 million views which were great for her success and net worth. She is known for directing her own music videos and producing records. She has a unique style of singing, writing, and storytelling that were so honest and fans understood that and gave her a shot. Since then she became one of the most popular teen acts with great looks and beautiful artistic side.

Since she was on The Voice, she grew up into a great singer and beautiful girl. We could expect from her more concept albums with her creative control. Even though, she is young she have just started to produce her music to the wider audience. So after concurring America, we expect from her to find her fans worldwide, and that will be a unbelievable and huge success.