MattyBRaps Net Worth

Who is MattyBRaps and what is his net worth 2018? Child artists are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood and in film industries around the world and MattyB is no exception making waves in the music industry at just age 14! MattyB is based in Georgia and is an American rapper and songwriter, His claim to fame was through YouTube where he would post remixes of popular songs. Matty’s official career began on YouTube in 2010 and till now he has posted over 100 videos and his channel has surpassed well over 2 billion views on YouTube!

MattyB is the YouTube name of Matthew David Morris and he was born on January 6, 2003. Matthew was born in Duluth, Georgia with a younger sister and three older brothers which made him like a middle child for his parents. He showed an inclination towards rap and music from a very young age and his parents too encouraged him to sing his heart out and facilitated him by getting him equipment so that he could post covers of popular sing remixes on YouTube.

MattyBRaps Net Worth 2018-2019

Matty leads a normal life going to middle school and spending time with his four siblings. He enjoys playing basketball and video games. He made it a point to follow his passion for rapping and has covered songs o major artistes on his YouTube channel including Justin Beiber, Chris Brown and Ke$ha. Matty is a very humble boy for all of the popularity he has achieved in this short span of time. Matty has been posting covers of popular sings from 2010 when he was just 7 years old! All of his covers are unique and have a huge fan following. Matty’s fans don’t follow him because he’s a cut little boy singing but because he is naturally talented and sings passionately.

Career: Matty has had a glorious career till now singing covers on YouTube and creating some original songs as well. Matty became hugely popular with his first official single cover release titled ‘I believe in You’. This was his ticket to fame as his fan base rocketed and pretty soon he would have more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and would amass more than 2 billion views on his channel!

Once Matty realised that he had a strong fan base, he immediately capitalised on that, releasing his cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the way you are’ which was his first song that would be available for purchase. He never looked back after this and by the time matty was 12, he had posted over 90 songs which were covers of popular songs on his channel and even 20 original songs written and sung by him! Matty did it again on August 27th, 2015 when he released his first EP album which had four original tracks which made his fans go crazy and make him even more popular. His debut EP was released on YouTube itself and was titled ‘Outside the lines’.

Matty was also working on a memoir of his time on YouTube and the music industry and how that all factored into his regular life and how his family supported him when he needed them. The book which is titled ‘That’s a Rap’ was released on June 7, 2016, and created waves in the music industry.

MattyBRaps Net Worth

It may come as a shock that a teen rapper may be worth more than a million dollars but it should not be as Matty has truly worked hard and created a name for himself and not developed pre-existing fame. Matty was literally a nobody before becoming popular on YouTube and only his dedication can explain his high net worth of 1.7 million. Matty also sells a huge amount of tickets when he goes on tour and his albums sell like hot cakes which further increase his net worth.

Some people might be in awe of Matty for his phenomenal success while others may discredit his hard work but Matthew knows how dedicated he is to achieve his eventual goal of becoming a musician and will stop at nothing to fulfil his dream. Matty is an inspiration to all of the excuse-givers out there. Matty’s story should inspire us to venture out and do the thing we are passionate about and not worry about the outcomes.