Maryum Ali Net Worth 2018

Who is Maryum Ali and what is her net worth 2018? Maryum Ali popularly called May May is the eldest daughter of world boxing legend Mohammed Ali. She is a writer, a standup comedian, and a singer. She earned a degree in Social work and is a trained mediator for a social service center in Los Angeles, Nevada. Maryum has always wanted to help people.

Early Life

Maryum Ali was born in 1968 in Chicago. Her parents are the popular boxer, Mohammed Ali and Belinda Boyd. Her parents got divorced when she was in grade 3. She has 10 other siblings but she is the eldest daughter of her father. She lived her early life in Chicago, Illinois. She is a citizen of the United States.

Maryum Ali Net worth

Maryum has been married but got divorced after 3 years of marriage. There are no records on the name of her ex-husband. She has no children. May May once mentioned in an interview that she is open to another marriage however, she does not plan on having children. According to her, she would adopt if she wants children.


Maryum Ali performed as a stand-up comedian throughout the United States. She pursued this career path for 12 years. She was a regular performer on Hollywood show, The Comedy Store. She worked with popular comedy stars including Jim Carey, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Rock.

She also worked on her music alongside, in the year 1992, she released her maiden rap album titled “The Introduction”. She wanted to inspire the youth to pursue their dreams. Later, she left the music industry because she felt that the rap industry has lost focus and is now centered on violence and exploitation of women.

She diverted into Social work. She pursued a degree in Social Work from Magna Cum Laude. She also received training as a mediator for Clark County Social services, Neighbourhood Justice Centre located in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has worked extensively in delinquency prevention and family development.

She is the Regional Manager for the Mayor’s office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development in Los Angeles. She developed a presentation on communication titled: Let’s talk, let’s listen. May May is known to be a great communicator and has worked hard in helping build up good communication.

Maryum Ali wrote a children’s book about her father titled, I shook up the world; The incredible Life of Mohammed Ali. On the Television scenes, Maryum is has appeared on numerous TV networks including BBC, AL JAZEERA, ESPN, NBC, ABC, FOX, BET, Centric and the Hallmark Channel. She currently stars on A&E’s documentary series titled “60 Days In”.

Net Worth of Maryum Ali

Maryum Ali have an estimated net worth of $15 million.

May May has always wanted to make people happy. Her desire is evident in her stand-up comedy shows and TV shows. She seeks to teach effective communication techniques in innovative ways. She has always shown how much she loved her family. She always talked about her life, living with a world icon, her father. She said it was nice being recognised and getting attention everywhere, but it was difficult when her family is going through a hard time. According to her, her life was an open secret.